Can you buy super soil?

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  1. ive just started reading a little about super soil and like the idea of not having to add nutrients the whole grow. Can imagine the ease of only having to add water...

    My question is can i buy super soil ready made without having to mix anything myself?
  2. fox farms has the best soil in my opinion
  3. Yes you can! Try amazon, batch 64 moonshine, kind soil just to name a few, but, there is nothing like mixing your own!
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

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  4. you can get everything you need from the same place

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  5. Read the No Till Revisited thread and follow the advice in there!
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  6. I was looking into this a while back,
    I read and asked some folks.
    It seems a lot of the bigger companies stuff is ok, but by the time it gets to ya it's not so super, a lot of the microbial life dies, there are some online sellers like mentioned above who will make it to order and ship it right out.
    I ended up making my own,
    Sourcing everything I could local and turning to BAS for some specialty stuff I couldn't find
    And I am really glad I did, now there is no wondering exactly what's in it

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal
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  7. Best read some more. There is really no such thing as a water only - entire grow mix. Be like attempting a 1,500 mile road trip on 1 tank of gas. Gonna have to refill the tank at some point.

    But, with top dressing, it's not much and not often.
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  8. I realised how clueless I was when patrokles recommended I read the no till revisited. I've just read through it and yes I had no idea the complexity involved.
    I also had no idea it's for multiple grows and gets better with age. Although I cant rap my head around how when my plant being finished I can just remove the roots and reuse :/ ?? Anyway as you said yes I have lots more reading to do.

    Thanks a lot dude, defiantly needed to read that. Great info.
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  9. Might be able to water only with an extremely mature bed but as @wetdog said it's not happening.

    I learned from experience. It will look awesome and then you hit that wall. Not enough humic acid to run the machine.
  10. you dont remove the roots, just cut your plant at the base come harvest and plant a new seedling or rooted clone next to the old stem.
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  11. image.jpeg

    So what happens to the old root system. Is there a minimum pot size then you can use super soil in. I'm just imaganing doing this in my current 7 gallon pots and it's not computing. Maybe 1 giant 4x4 container in my 4x4 tent :wacko:
  12. the old root system decomposes and feeds the soil life as it does, just like it happens in nature.
    this method of growing is called "No-Till" gardening and you typically want 20gallon per plant but it can be done with 7gallon with very little or no veg time. if you can do one giant pot, id get the biggest smartpot you can fit in that area, i have a 100g one in a similar space.
    there is a sticky thread in the organic section with lots of info
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
  13. Yeah I read through that one. Sorry I didn't notice it said about the 20 gallon. I'm still such a noob. All just speculation atm...
    Thanks again.

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