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Can you buy RECREATIONAL Cannabis in WA State?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tripping Nightmare, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. I found a bunch of places in Spokane WA on weedmaps but don't know if all of them are for medical marijuana only. Are there any places you know in WA State that do? Or is that still illegal here?

  2. not until spring, i'm sure about my answer too
  3. Ok thanks that's not a long ways to go too
  4. Also only in state residents are allowed to buy :(
  5. I'm in state :yay:
  6. Recreational shops will open later this year, but its totally legal to possess and smoke in the privacy of your own home (yea right lol).
    Source? The FAQ site for I-502 says otherwise :confused: 

  8. Not true. You just have to be in the state of washington once retail shops open up. So essentially no washington state id is required once spring rolls around... 
  9. Washington has it going on. A superbowl and good herbs, only thing missing is my plane ticket  :(
  10. I don't live there but this runs counter to the original bill as I read it.
  11. My brother is in the air force in Spokane WA he says it's everywhere lol but no shops for rec

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  12. #13 ClinicalExplosion420, Feb 18, 2014
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    They open in spring, and all you need is an I'd that says you are 21. Does not matter what state.

    Source: I read the entire law back and fourth multiple times because I wanted to move to Washington and grow.

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  13. Colorado you need an instate Id I believe though.

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  14. i'm sure since it's legal now that you could find a caregiver on Craigslist or somewhere (grower) who could hook you up until they get their shops up and going.
    no it doesn't.
    no.. you do not...just proof of age, any states id will do as long as you are 21+
    yea but that's all that's going on.. besides that it's boring as shit.
    what the females looking like up there big homie i can make some fun lol
  19. Homie when you got the dankest dank you always find shit to do!

    When you put your phone down and see how fuckin beautiful Washington is, makes you wanna go explore those mountains..

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