Can you buy any add-ons for this bong?

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  1. ive been seeing a lot of bongs with percs and ash catchers, and was wondering if you can buy them for this bong... PICS ARE SHITTY I KNOW

    the bong is only 11'' tall, but it packs some fat hits :hello:
  2. mm...depending on the downstem hole in the bong you might be able to put a smaller grommet and glass on glass downstem or diffuser in, allow you to potentially add an ashcatcher..dont know it would be worth it tho. check stuff
  3. im not really sure on all that kind of stuff cuz i just bought my firs bong yesterday:cool: but thats a pretty sick bong
  4. You can buy a few different kinds of non glass-on-glass ashcatchers; you'd really be in business if you could replace that downstemp with one of a GonG variety.
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    I would try checking out a diffuser and an ash catcher. If you buy a glass-on-glass downstem then you can add things like a carbon filter, too.

    You don't really NEED one because you could easily buy a one piece ashcatcher like this.

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    Yes but I'm not sure if you can really put a downstem like that on your bong. You might need one with a coned end.

    Your bong has one like this:


    So you would need one with a long male-downstem and not a grommet like this:

  7. i have one just like that bottom pic

  8. Yeah, so unless you buy an ashcatcher with a long male downstem like that, I don't think there's much you can do. The options with a non-GONG tube are pretty limited.
  9. That's EXACTLY what you need :)
  10. A GonG attachment for your bong would be nice. The ashcatcher posted above, and all of the ones that are similar to that one are pieces of shit. Don't waste your money on them. All they do is provide so much spillover into the bong that they don't catch any ash at all.
  11. so basically from this stem converter, i can start getting ash catchers and percs and shit??
  12. That's why I thought he should either get a new piece or finding an adapter. Which he did.
    Yeah. I don't know what you mean by percs (The perculator bowl, maybe) but an a/c is definitely a must!
  13. yeah thats what i meant, but im more interested in an ash catcher anyways thanks

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