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Can you blow smoke rings?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rajel, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. ^_^ I can, and I loveeee doing it. Always fun to try and blow a smoke ring through another, it's wicked to pull off stoned with a bunch of friends. My dad used to blow out smoke hearts and crazy shit like that, I've gotta try and get ahold of him sometime and have him teach me.
  2. sort of, but not really good and it usually takes a few attempt b4 i get it right.

    i need more practice :bongin:
  3. i wish i could blow smoke rings.. i never really try though.. only tried like twice.. and i think both on windy days... so of course that didnt work... itd be fuckin sick to blow smoke hearts and shit like that

  4. my friends dad can blow a smoke hert and then blow a smoke arrow throught it. so sick
  5. hookah is a good practicing tool. Then you dont get stoned out of your mind as you keep trying to get "the right ring"
  6. yeh man, i usually start with a french inhale like as big as my head LOL then blow a ring straight up and then lower my head so i have a halo lmao. a bit wierd i know but it sure spins my buddy's out. LOL.
  7. with cigarette smoke yes with weed smoke no
  8. i wanna know how to do the hearts, i can do rings... i wish there was a website with tips or somethin like that.
  9. yo designatedtoker if you find that site again id apreciate if you posted the url, i wanna learn to blow smoke hearts.:smoking:
  10. i can blow rings from a hookah, that was easy to learn. weed? cigs? not as quick to pick up for me
  11. I learned how to blow rings with hookah, but you gotta make sure theres no wind because the slightest wind will have the smoke sent the other way :(
  12. Did a quick google search and found this on a forum. Enjoy.

    Start by mastering Andy's technique: with a mouthful of uninhaled smoke, make an O with your lips and quickly push your tongue forward slightly. (This is somewhat like filling your mouth with water and squirting a stream out — the pressure comes from your tongue moving forward, pushing the water out.) With just a few minutes of practice, you should be able to make a small thin smoke ring.

    When you're able to consistently create these small rings, experiment with changing the size of the O your lips make, the speed and force with which your tongue moves, and how much your lips are puckered out. Normally, the more puckered your lips are and the larger the O of your mouth is, the wider and thicker your ring will be, but the harder it will be to create a perfectly round ring (or one at all).

    Now you're ready to move on to Gangsta's technique. While you're drawing smoke into your mouth, open your jaw (but not so much that you can't keep your lips sealed). Besides being integral for this technique, this lets you hold more smoke in your mouth, so you will also be able to blow a few more rings per mouthful than with Andy's technique. With your lips in an O, close your jaw slightly but quickly. The first few times, you probably won't make anything resembling a ring — the trick is to keep your mouth in an O the whole time. When you move your jaw, the position of your lips will change slightly too, which messes up your ring. Practice keeping your lips still while your jaw closes, and the rings should come after a while. Again, experiment with the size of your O, how puckered your lips are, and how much and how fast your jaw moves until you're blowing nice juicy donuts.

    When you've gotten pretty good at both techniques, you're ready to bring them together. Draw a big puff of smoke, dropping your jaw like in Gangsta's technique. Lay your tongue flat too. To blow the ring, you're going to close your jaw just like in Gangsta's technique, but at the same time contract some of the muscles around the back of the throat. These muscles (AFAIK; IANGA) are what meet the tongue to seal the entrance to your throat (e.g. when your mouth is open but you breathe through your nose). These muscles aren't used much by English speakers, but they're key in the pronunciation of the Hebrew ע and the Arabic ع — as described by Gritchka in his excellent guide to Arabic pronunciation, "the dull metallic tone you get when you slow a choked gargle down so slow that it no longer vibrates." These are the muscles that get sore when you vomit for too long. Contracting these muscles uses the same effect that Andy's technique describes (pushing out the smoke with your tongue), but instead of using your tongue, you're using the muscles at the back of your throat.

    This combination of raising your jaw and compressing the back of your throat drastically reduces the volume of smoke in your mouth. All that smoke is pushed out the O of your lips which, because of your practice of Gangsta's technique, maintain their perfect shape. After a few minutes of practice (and more experimenting with lip positions, etc.) you'll be able to consistently puff out thick, evenly circular rings of smoke.

  13. i can do pretty good o's fairly consistently... just about 3 weekends ago a guy smoked me out in his car one day when we were snowboarding and he was doin em...he told me to try and that it was easy...4 bowls later i had them down... my method is this: take your hit slow so it milks nicely... and when you think youve gotten the maximum milkage out of it release the carb for just a second or so...this way you have all the thick milky smoke in your lungs...but not too i form the o with my mouth...and by controlling my throat i push out little bits at a time... the key to doing it this way is to get the milk barely in your lungs but not in your mouth...get it? hard to explain but mayeb this method will work for some of you :) :smoking:
  14. Hells yeah i can blow smoke rings
  15. Nah, but I wish I could
  16. Hell yes. smoke rings are awesome..wanna learn the heart now :)
  17. I can do smoke rings of cigars and shit but its a waste with weed. I do "the ghost" with weed its when you take a shitload of smoke in your mouth dont inhale then blow out and quickly suck back in. Look sick
  18. eh dont blow O's, waste to much smoke. just french inhale that straight to ur head. I usually french most of it, the throw in a little crawl if i can.
  19. if you want to learn smoke rings, get a hooka. You can consistently get huge hits with lots of thick smoke and you wont be wasting any nugs by not pulling in a big hit into your lungs and holding it. The other most important part about blowing rings is getting your mouth into an o shape. A mirror helps, but you can just experiment with the hookah for a while, moving your tongue and lips around till you get it. The way to get the coolest rings is to do them from the lungs. You can do those methods involving bringing smoke just into your mouth and moving your jaw, but if you really want think rings you should fill your lungs up like mad, and your mouth, and then make the rings by letting puffz of smoke out of your lungs. You should have your mouth open with your lungs closed off, and then you let a tiny bit out at a time, just barely opening your lungs up for a fraction of second, it should make a little noise thats hard to describe. But the key to good smoke rings is getting the lungs opening and closing to be crisp. Like there should be no smoke coming out of your mouth, and then suddenly a distinct ring.

    I knew a dude who used to be really good at blowing rings that sailed through the other one, it was amazing.

    Oh the other tip i give to anyone trying to blow rings, is find somewhere where the air is completely still. You gotta bowl a room with no windows or doors open or anything.

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