Can You Be Too Stoned?

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Is it possable to be too stoned!

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  3. I AM exhibit A! And if the chooptakarapi on your shoulder thinks otherwise i'll bap head on ch

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  1. Quite a tricky one methinks. Is it possable? can u b too stoned? and are there negative side effects of being so?


    commence debate philosophers of the herb
  2. I would love to say NO SUCH THING!

    But if I get too stoned, I fall asleep. And I REALLY like to be somewhat productive, if not concious, when I'm stoned.

    Plus if I smoke too much when I'm supposed to be actually doing something or going somewhere, quite often it doesn't get done or we don't go. Talk about spending an entire weekend in the house stoned off your ass, leaving for nothing but munchies or new movies to rent. That gets old, and cleaning house in the middle of the week REALLY SUCKS!


    p.s. by the way.. there's something on your shoulder, Poll Master :D
  3. Hell yeah you can be too stoned. Contrary to popular belief it is possible to OD on marijuana though it has never proven to be fatal. Emergency room visits by tokers are higher than ecstasy.

    I don't see why anyone would want to smoke that much anyways. I always think high is high enough. Thats what really leads to using other drugs: always looking for that higher high.
  4. self autotitration.
  5. I passed out once - as in collaspsed

    that was not fun...

    I was in a forgien country with people who didn't know me too well.

  6. How great it is to quote out of context. Right after that I said it has never proven to be fatal. And as we all know everyone's tolerance is different. As for challenging my statement, how did you? Go find the emergency room statistics that say how many were drug related, and specifically marijuana related. Maybe if they ever get around to seriously testing weed we'll know what harm you may have done (and all of us that have smoked a while for that matter).
  7. sometimes i get nausious if i smoke too much..
  8. I've never really thought about being too stoned. I guess if I smoke more than usual, I get really clumbsy and I seem to fall all the time. I guess that's where all the bruises and scars have come from!!!!!! And then if I'm really high then I seem to have absolutely no motivation whatsoever. I plan on doing all these things, and it never happens.
  9. i'd say you can be too stoned, and a lot of the time i am too stoned, you can smoke so much that you're not high, your just fucked. that's too much, it isn't a bad thing though.and also i'm pretty sure that any puking, paleness, blackouts etc (or as we say here "Pullin a whitie") is not cause by smoking too much, only by being in the wrong state of mind while your smoking (much like taking hilucinogens) the 1 time i whitied i wasn't really that stoned, but being even partially stoned when in a physics lesson in school will fuck your head up for the worse.
  10. I have smoked alot in one sitting and i have never collapsed or OD'd in any way from smoking weed. I have OD'd on brownies though. It was not fun, passing out and yacking and fat headaches aren't fun.

  11. LOL that's the point where I no longer walk, but I bump from thing to thing, wall, piece of furniture, sharp corner of the table, etc. But then again I am clumsy as it is, and tend to do that anyway. In fact, my boss recently asked me why I have so many bruises, and all I could do is laugh and tell her "I honestly don't know, it's just I am a huge klutz!!!"
  12. OD MEANS TO DEATH OR CLOSE. NOT PULLING A WHITY. The amount to kill a mouse is 40000 times the amount to intoxicate a human... let's say that the average new person gets stoned off one hit. A mouse would have to take 40000 big human hits to die. so how much would big old you take to die? A FUCKING LOT ME THINKS- YOU WOULD DIE OF OLD AGE FIRST!!!

    Oh and the whole A & E (ER) thing is bullshit too. You could say that 100% of people admited have air in ther lungs- does that mean that air causes accidents? Right there's a difference between deths while on weed and deaths as a result of weed.

    But you can only get too high if you have to go somewhere where you have to be stone cold sober to not get caught or say stupid shit....
  13. Canabis is a good thing.

    And you can have too much of a good thing.

    (Just like chocolate and fudge icecream)
  14. OD does not mean death. people OD on heroin all the time and don't die.
  15. Well this one came as a surprise to me but 1 man in Glasgow Scotland has on his death certificate...cause of heart attack due to cannabis overdose...seemingly he smoked so much that there was a resin build up in his bloodstream which moved to block an artery in his heart...nonsense i thought but seemingly it did happen and then i thought about my little bong that i use is allways getting blocked with resin as it has a very small plastic pipe on it.......however i do take solice in the fact that this guy allways smoked hash...i.e. (solid to some of you's), which it has been proven is made up of lots of shit...including shoe pollish to make up the chances are he was just one unlucky bugger who smoked from like the age of five or something.......Peace out....Sid
  16. Hell no there is no such thing as bein too stoned! I smoked so much once that I would have these little blackouts happen randomly like every ten minutes...I couldnt walk after an hour and eventually I just passed out....What can I say though...It wasnt a bad experience.
  17. That's dangerous thinking. Being TOO stoned, it just can't happen... Can it...? *Scratches head*

  18. so when do the intelligence test results come through?
  19. I vote pooski
  20. ahh, you can never get too stoned. I do rember haveing a whitey and passing out while standing up. I got a face full of TV and it gave everyone a good laugh, other than that you cannot be too stoned.

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