can you be in love with yourself?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. Just a question, yes, pretty weird..but I wanted to see some of your responses..Ill elaborate later, if this goes in a good direction..but do you think you can be in love with yourself?
  2. yeah, i've met a few people that think they're just the cats ass. they're the be all end all. i personally don't like these kinds of people who are full of themselves. i've never met a decent one anyways.
  3. yeah dude, i've met people like that. When you talk to them they seem to talk shit on everyone and then when u leave you'll be the next one they'll be talking shit about. Tooo much love is not a good thing
  4. There are some people in this world that are truly in love with themself. In my opinion, you have to love yourself but there is a fine line between loving yourself and being stuck on yourself. The truly conceited, narcissistic people of this world can't have meaningful relationships because their number one concern is themself. The love they feel surpasses anything else that could be important in their life. They are constantly thinking about themself, comparing themself to others, and putting themself up on a pedestal looking down at the world. If they do have a significant other, that person's needs will come only after all their needs have been fufilled. Sometimes I think they enter into the relationships just to have someone around to hear about how wondeful they are.
  5. I know what ya'll are saying! I'm so in love with myself, you'll have to stand on a five gallon bucket just to kiss my ass!!!!!!!!


    I love myself--I don't want to harm myself in any way. I need to be healthy for my kids!!

    Always a smart ass in the crowd! That'll be me!

  6. Well said and I completely and unabashedly agree!
  7. I love myself, but I don't put myself on a pedistal.

    Except of course when it comes no Nubbin, Norm, or snatch ;)
  8. ..if youre in love with yourself, does that make you gay?

  9. yes
  10. no...not until you kiss your elbow......THEN AND ONLY THEN are you gay..............



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