Can you be arrested for possesion of a bong??

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  1. I can understand if it has Resin in the bowl but what if its clean??
  2. Not paraphernalia until used!
  3. its a water pipe, notta bong! ;)
  4. no res = no arrest
  5. Shouldn't be able to get in trouble for clean glass, but you never know about a run in with cops. I keep all my glass clean because of legalities, but I know if a cop wants to fuck you for some pieces they will.
  6. You can not be arrest for having a clean bong. When I was coming home from living in Alberta (I live in Ontario) I brought my bong with me as a carry on. I was asked multiple times what was in the case and each time I told them "It's my bong" and they couldn't do anything about it because it is not illegal.
  7. Cops can be douches and say they saw 1 little fleck of flower and its good enough reason to take your bong from you.

    But technically a perfectly clean piece is just a water pipe for tobacco use. Perfectly legal.
  8. [quote name='"TidalWaveRips"']I can understand if it has Resin in the bowl but what if its clean??[/quote]

    Theylltry to test it for THC resin, and a tobacco pipe has a yellow tint, so they would be able to proove its drug related
  9. If it was completely cleaned with iso alcohol there wont be any thc left. Not to mention no smell, so i doubt they would have probable cause to test a completely clean water pipe. If you were really concerned buy a bag of cheap pipe tobacco ~3$ and have it with the bong just in case.
  10. Thanks for the answers , I'm ordering my very first bong on Christmas and I needed to know this :)
  11. There's like one or two states left that are still bitches about it and can technically arrest you just for a waterpipe, regardless of whether it's used or not. That being said the majority of states aren't awful like that haha, I personally can't imagine living in a state without glass shops!
  12. Oh and for the record I also brought some glass as my carry on today haha, not a problem in CO :wave:

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