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Can you always get higher by smoking more bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gematric, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a while now but I've always wondered this. Theres been times where ill smoke a shit load, be high as fuck, maybe even get freaked out by it. and theres been times where i smoke bowl after bowl after bowl thinking i could get higher. i like being SUPER stoned i dont like to just be high. But sometimes i feel like i should smoke another bowl and get higher but then i feel like i wont get much higher compared to how i am now. so it always worth smoking the extra bowl or no? idk im real fucked up right now its hard to explain. like is there a point to where you cant get any higher? :smoke:
  2. From my days of smoking all day lol NO, after so many loads I just stop getting high. Sane thing with blunts or js If I smoke one blunt im stoned 2 Im fuckin baked 3 were ging to the moon 5 Im falling asleep 6 -45 i usually stop getting high at around 10 blunts. Of course I came to this conclusion after a couple bdays where we would smoke the number of blunts of age.
  3. One of my friends loves to smoke bowl after bowl. I was at his house one time just blazing, we each had 3 bowls and I figured that's all we'd have, because 3 bowls is quite a bit to me. Well, he kept packing and packing, and we kept smoking and smoking. After the 4th bowl I didn't get any higher, I just had a hurtin' throat lol.
  4. If I switch up the weed/method of smoking, I might. Otherwise nah.
  5. Usually no, you hit a certain peak and you can't go much further. At least with smoking.. Edibles can be a different story.
  6. fuck your sig.
  7. I have found that I just get to a certain point where I don't really get any more stoned. I don't really try and get 'as stoned as possible' though, I prefer to smoke smaller amounts these days. I remember being in Amsterdam on a few occasions though smoking a crazy amount and definitely getting to the point where you're smoking for the hell of it and not not not getting any higher. Seems like the same for most people, especially regular tokers!
  8. There is absolutely a 'ceiling' or cap to how high you can get. From personal experience, i think that the better the bud you get, the higher you can get. This is just a guess so don't take it too seriously, but it always has seemed to be true for me.
  9. yeah theres been times where me and my homies smoke so much in one sesh id say around 2-3 eighths and i cant get no more high at a certain point in the sesh
  10. I smoke medical, and it seems like I don't get very high even after smoking bowl after bowl. After the first bowl, I've reached my peak. Why is that?
  11. No, the moment you take your first, you build a "tolerance wall" toward cannabis.
  12. na. only way is to switch methods of puffing
  13. will for me I don't just like getting high and higher,I love getting stoned out my fuck'n memory

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