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Can Weed Really Taste Like Candy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orangegrovekush, May 30, 2013.

  1. Ok i have been smoking for 5 years ive had plenty of bud that has looked and smelt amazing but the taste is never noticeable i mean it just tastes like smoke the only difference i get if i smoke dank bud is that its not as harsh. so can weed actually taste similar to candy? the only time my weed tasted like anything is when i smoked my just harvested/trimmed weed every hit tasted like a sweet cup of tea lol and i didnt drink any tea that day.

  2. For a couple seconds and after you have been smoking some dank bud, should enable ur senses to actually taste the fruitiness
  3. Get some BlueCheese from Barney's Farm, you will taste that for sure :yummy:
  4. I just made some oil from some niiiiiiiiice AK-47 (supposably, non-med state so idk lol) and it tastes and smells like straight candy haha, this and that very "pine-y" taste some strains have are my two favorite tastes :D
  5. Only with a vape imo, vapor tastes just like the smell of the herb the first couple hits I find.
    With smoke I still notice the different flavors, but to a much lesser degree since it tastes like smoke too of course. If I'm using a dirty piece or at the end of a joint, I really cant taste anything but smoke. But with a clean piece or fresh joint I still taste the flavor just fine. :smoke:  :yummy:
  6. Yeah, I had a strain called "Juicy Fruit" it literally smelled just like the gum and tasted quite like it too. Weed is weird.
  7. Yes, I have to second this. Besides the fact that you can get twice or three times from the same amount you burn in smoking (whichever methods which rate joints preserve least THC, and glass pipes usually let you inhale about up to 60% without wasting it) with aporizer you do get to taste flavonoids of the weed. First two to three inhalings it tastes almost as fresh weed, though of course it is not the sweet smell/flavor . It is grassy.
    Blue haze I had smells like cheese, and the vapor smells like cheese as well. Blackberry smells and tastes how it smells fresh.

    I don't think the taste buds can really catch many of these fine tuned smells and flavors, so to get most of it you should exhale from the nose.

    In burning flavonoids get destroyed.
  8. Its the nuits used in the grow
  9. Lemon hash and real ak-47 were the only 2 buds that had noticable flavour out of a bong for me. 
  10. If you ask me, the only flavorless weed is mid-grade. The first couple hits are so nice. Imma take one now and try to describe the taste (will probably fail).

    I take that back. Mids has flavor it's just a shitty one.
  11. Cherry pie tastes like candy.  Fucking amazing. Easily one of my favorite strains just for the taste alone.
  12. i get a lot of the piney tasting weed. it's a pretty strong taste and i can definitely notice it. I've had trainwreck before and it smelled like candy though. 

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