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can weed make you sick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mcasprin, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. ok im new to smoking and i had a joint at around 12am-12:30am and at around 8pm i got a cold and a headache aswell as runny nose is it possible that the zoot(joint) was linked to my illness? and is it ok to smoke when sick?
  2. yes, just sleep, its probably not
  3. totally fine to smoke when sick. no it can't make you sick like that. you can smoke so much you throw up, but it won't give you a cold. the only thing that can do that is a cold.
  4. Anything is possible I suppose, I try not to smoke if I feel any kind of chest cold... then its time for edibles ;)
  5. Unless you're sharing it, it can't give you a cold.
  6. Dirty bongs get you sick
  7. No it wasn't. /thread
  8. Maybe if it wasn't flushed. Or it was smuggled in horse shit.
  9. I've never heard of anything like that. If anything it probable helps your immune system. The only thing that has happened to me was throwing up because I took like five huge gravity bong rips.
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    Unless the person who put it in the baggy had a cold or something, then maybe it's possible, but otherwise no. Smoke more you will feel better, it's the healing herb after all:smoke:

    Honestly it must do in some people (at least) because I used to get a few colds a year before I started toking, now I rarely have more than 1 a year, and the last one I had last for about 24 hours
  11. weed can make you sick if other factors are involved....such as eating too much food and just being a noob.

    but normally no, weed wont make u sick. you were probably sick already. and yes weed will make u feel better if your sick. it will clear up your nose and take away any head pain and shit like that.
  12. Iv'e heard two theories, one is that weed lowers your ability to fight infections (From the Anti Drug people, maybe its just that weed makes you crave food that is not nutritous..) and the other is that weed helps your immune system, how could one even prove either or?
  13. By doing a study, how the fuck do you think?
  14. Yup since ive yacked a few times on it
  15. What im saying is how could one prove that your "immune systems fighting ability was lowered" when you could have easily gotten sick either way, and you never know the real cause of the illness. Its even harder to prove that it helps because your saying "Well you could have gotten sick but you didnt, thank the bud!". I could have gotten sick trillions of times and didn't, it doesn't mean its because Im slowly cutting into neck everyday (I dont do that, just an example). Na mean?
  16. That's why it would be carried out over years. If you collect enough data, the randomness ceases to be an issue. Study 1000 stoners and 1000 people who don't smoke over 10 years and record illnesses and you'll have a pretty good idea of what weed does to the immune system. More/longer = better.
  17. To conclude that weed can make you sick or to conclude that weed can't make you sick would be farcical because, like all experiments, we can only hypothesize.

    It is possible to test our hypotheses under a variety of different circumstances but it is impossible to obtain 100% conclusive evidence of weed's effect on general health (due to our inability to run tests under the infinite number of circumstances that exist).

    So until we reach the age of technological singularity (of which we can only hope that such powerful technology with which to conduct experiments will exist) we can but simply smoke weed, get high and not worry about that which we don't have the ability to know.

  18. Bullshit. You don't need to be certain, you just need some good evidence. It is definitely possible to conduct studies comparing weed smokers to non smokers and it is definitely possible to draw conclusions from those. We're not *absolutely certain* tobacco causes cancer. Could be a coincidence. But because there's so much evidence, we can safely say it does. And we could also safely say something about the effects of weed on sickness if proper studies are conducted.
  19. Definitely not, but if you smoke while you smoke albeit weed or tobacco, it prolongs your sickness.

    Probably just the weather man. Warm days/ cold nights will do that. Tis the season. Stop overthinking shit.

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