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Can weed leaves get me high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 93TheHitStick, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I know a guy and when you buy like an oz from him he gives you the ground up weed leaves. I never really thought about smoking them but i have no weed and i lost my pipe so i cant scrape for resin so now i really wanna get keyed and i have a ziplock bag filled with ground up weed leaves. So can these get me high? How much will i need to smoke? I was thinking about making qwiso or edibles but i really wanna get high like right now not later and i dont have an oven or butter or any food at all i heard putting it in olive oil works though but idk how long that takes. So help me out
  2. uh like fresh potleafs in the mix ground up? lol you make no sense. smoke it.
  3. Idk i cant explain it because i dont really know. Idk what part of the plant it is but its not the bud its like the flower i guess idk i know you can use it to make qwiso or edibles because it came off of some good ass bud but idk how much i need to smoke to get high
  4. pics or gtfo. lol
  5. Those leaves need to have trichomes on them, you should be able to tell if they are "frosty" or not. Look for small crystals, if none found...that shit will only give you a headache.:smoke:
  6. depends. If its the fan leaves then no, but if its the leaves from the buds, then do it up

  7. [​IMG]

    Believe me, it sucks... :wave:

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