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Can weed just stop working ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by jamezbong, Oct 23, 2014.

  1.   I used to smoke because weed helped alot with my anxiety and ocd. However, for a couple of week s weed has started to actually increase my anxiety and negative thoughts. I smoke every day mainly at night before sleep. It used to help me sleep too but not anymore. 
     Has anyone ever felt this ? Is it normal ?

  2. When anxiety builds weed can actually intensify the anxiety, and alot of weed especially, late grow especially...can cause depression.
    I reach this pont once in a while having had chronic depression in the past. Being alone and smoking a whole lot didnt help in those times
    unless I was sharing with someone and keeping more active.
    Weed never enhances sleep for my if Im overwrought or have too much anxiety. Its stimulates my thought too much if my head is already to busy...
    Try more excercise and less bud for a while...have a little indica dominent strain but not too close to bed.
    Mids can cause the tension or restlessness at night. Mids has lots of impurities...
    Sativas let few people sleep my man!  I been there many times as Im so old now!
    How you feel better!
  3. As a person who just went through one hell of an anxiety related ordeal (about 10 months of it - multiple hospital visits (panic attacks) ...), I can say confidently, weed is a double edged sword when it comes to anxiety.
    I got to a point last year where I started having bullshit panic attacks (had never had one in my life), and crazy amounts of generalized anxiety. At that point in my life, weed was the worst, and I had to stop smoking for a while, It just wasn't a positive thing at that time. The increased heartrate, and lightheadedness, coupled with already bad anxiety put me over the top.
    When I finally got my anxiety under control, and learned to recognize, and deal with it, I started smoking again, and I've thoroughly enjoyed bud since then.
    It might sound a little crazy, but I'd suggest looking up what mindfulness is, and giving it a serious look, before dismissing it.
  4. For anxiety/ocd, the strain can have really make a difference, as can making sure you are in a good mindset before smoking. If you are obsessing over something and then you get high, you may very well just obsess even more and become even more focused on it, which sucks. You have to be ready to clear your mind and focus on something nice and peaceful, like good music, or your favorite tv show.
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    Dude do you have any idea what the fuck you are talking about?
    First of all, 'late grow' buds don't cause depression. I don't even know how this makes sense. How did you come up with that?
    Second of all, do you realize like, 99.9999% of mid (illegal state wise) in the US is indica dominant? Mid makes you tired and burnt out not restless.. the 'impurities' (why don't you just say lower quality instead of acting like it's laced with some plant material other than weed) do not cause 'restlessness' and 'tension'. If your mids are causing those then you must be putting some other shit in your bowl.
  6. Ha Ha. I could smoke anyone under the table. But I did it solid for about 15-20 years. Heavily.Whatever me and my buds could get and split the cost. Ive been around and overindulged in many things(not heavy drugs...yuk)
    Note again Im over 50.
    When mids caused actual illness by aggravating dehydration etc etc.I found it does not always heal you.
    Ive lived thru lengthy Illnesses and athletic competitions...and traveled.
    Ive smoked and done alot of time obssesing on my weed. And I researched it as well as testing it.
    It affects all differently. It SLOWS DOWN recovery from a colds and the most typical ailments people get.
    I have have seen the good effects of it also for freinds who were cancer paitients who are now gone.
    The Dr.s providing my medical marijuana card give you paperwork documenting SIDE EFFECTS to be aware of with Sativas and Indicas.
    And what they are used for and how to use them as medicine:
     #1 Both slightly lower your immune system.
    #2 Weed can cause anxiety in some people.......
    #3 Very heavy use can cause depression.
    I learned that the hard way long before I was educated by my assigned medical professional in the program I have just become involved with...
    What are YOU putting in your bowl brother? 
  7. I have severe anxiety and it seems to get much worse now when I smoke weed. (This is normally a tobbacco joint). It may interest you to know that smoking tobbacco has been shown to increase anxiety in people. It states about nicotine but it also says that anxiety and lung function in general ARE linked which could lead to weed causing issues too.I would think smoking weed does the same as I can feel it. I'm trying to switch over to my vape but i'm heavily addicted to joints alothough I am making progress.
    Have you tried vaping? I bought a MFLB and I notice with the high it's a relaxing trippy head high, no body stone feeling like your hearts going to jump out your body and run down the street, no come down and over all it actually feels medicinal when I vape.
    What I'm saying it, have you considered other methods of consuming weed? I'd give them a shot but if you do decide to try vaping, don't get a cheap one they will waste your time.
    Also, taking a week or two break off it might help your mind settle if you do this regularly. Getting outside, working healthy eating and I hear excerisising is good too.
    ( I discovered a small cure for anixety and depression is increasing the EPA in your system. Source: )
  8. I have never felt this. it is not normal for me. What are you gonna do about it?
  9. My nigga!!!!!

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