can weed increase depression

Discussion in 'General' started by superstoner3, May 1, 2013.

  1. i just got home from work, took a shower, sat down started watching YYH.(yu yu hak.) then i packed my pipe and smoked from it. however i wanted to use m bong but couldnt cause a friend broke it last night. so i started smking from the pipe but i didnt get the WOHOO feeling, in fact i was like -_- and :\ i just felt like shit, i only smoked 1 BP though, should i repack and try again
  2. It's probably due to your days events. I'd smoke another bowl cause its not gonna hurt
  3. i sometimes get very cynical after i smoke. like i'll be watching a show i usually like and automatically point out to myself all the flaws.

    not sure about full blown depression though.
  4. Yes it can. If I blaze to much all day everyday whenever I come down I start to feel depressed. Can be very hard on myself sometimes.
  5. i guess but i did work all day, and i did smoke more and it did make me feel better.
    i just think that without my bong its a lot more work to get me fucked up and the added extra necessary effort makes me lose my high. before 4 bong rips would KO me, now its like i got to pound a pipe which doesnt work
  6. What? For some reason I had a hard time reading that.
    I mean weed is a depressant so..
  7. it can exagerrate feelings of anxiety or sadness definitely.
  8. for me it actually helps with anxiety and depression but everyone is different.
  9. It's a depressant to it can make you more depressed but that's if you make it that way. Just let that happen. Think positive. I learned to block out the negative when I smoke. Don't get it twisted, I still hallucinate but I know how to stay positive.
    But we all react different
  10. Weed enhances your mind if ur having problems weed going to bring it up
  11. yeh depends alot on ur recent social life and life in general. for instance i get high for first time in like 5 months couple times in past week and i feel tripped, and hallucinate some scary images which says im near a panic attack if i did this too much. So i basically gotta increase my social life to get hi again
  12. I think this:

    If you're unhappy with your life because you know you can better yourself and you don't take the initiative, or if you're simply in a rut, I think weed can cause dysphoric effects.

    If you actually have depression, weed might help. can't say because I'm the first one.
  13. depends if you already got shit going on...
    weed will just bring it out.. bring it to your attention so to speak.
  14. It can do anything you want
  15. Toke, then watch a dumb comedy or a mind-blowing nature show!You need to "get outside of yourself"!

    And start taking your Omega 3!

    How Long Before Fish Oil Works on Depression to Lift Your Mood? How Long Before Fish Oil Works on Depression to Lift Your Mood?

    FYI, the same part of your brain that controls depression, also is the part that gets you high on pot! So you could also apply that article to getting higher on cannabis! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  16. The only depression weed has caused me is the depression in my couch.
  17. granny is not playing watch a native tribe or some nature videos, SUPER relaxing when you're feeling down and high or listen to some music, dont let the evil shatter your meditation cmon blades.

    interesting video, people in their natural state.
    [ame=]Korubo: fight to the end (part 5) - YouTube[/ame]
  18. What goes up, must come down. Sure, you will feel great on all of your come-ups, but it's the comedowns that can really exasperate depression. Try smoking less than you normally do and comedowns will be much easier.
  19. That video was fuckin crazy. I was definitely not expecting them to be fishing for THAT.
  20. Whenever in question, more is then answer.

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