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Can Weed Get Too Old?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SmokeyDude, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I'm having my weed packed in like 5 plastic bags as I don't have a jar, will this affect the weed?

  2. Are they air tight bags?? If so then it'll be fine.
    If they're not air tight it'll get dry and loose some of the potency, but it can't really go off as such. At least I don't think :p
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    I know walmart has some nice jars for only a couple of dollars.
    But really, I left some in a jar almost 5 months ago. Will it still be good?
    Keif, hash and flower. Hope they are all good still.
  4. Mason jars are the way to go..heat and light can also degrade thc, but I've never had any issues. How long were you thinking of storing it?

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  5. This may sound dumb...but here it goes. I have weed that I have saved for sentimental reasons: The last nug I ever bought. Some of the first weed I ever grew. And a nug from every grow since. Saving it for when its legal, or for if the shit hits the fan, armageddon wise. Haha!
    I sometimes dip in to it on special occasions. I have smoked weed that was 3+ years old, and its just as good as day one. I just keep it in mason jars in the dark, with a packet of silica gel.
  6. Plastic is not good for weed. Get a jar. It will keep forever. I have some that is six years old.
  7. Why on earth would you put silica gel in a jar with weed???  Don't you know silica is used to DRY stuff cameras, pills, electronic equipment.....definately not weed.   Who ever told you to use silica gel???
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    I know it can lose its color, go actually bad is tough unless you store it wet (not dried at all). I have come across sizable buds before, such as an eighth, left out in the open air for unknown amounts of time, so generally a month or more. So it can't really go bad, will it decay/mold if not stored properly for too long, yes and that includes storing it wet or in an environment which isn't dry (such as a basement). Plus no one really has the answer for the half-life of THC, or the rate at which the mass of THC halves due to decay. Just smoke it within a reasonable amount of time, you don't need to store weed for over year, just go with that. If its been a year its time to smoke it or give it away. Cooler environments, such as a freezer will slow decay and give you that dry environment. I would be careful though, glass gets brittle and plastic bags are no promise of keeping out freezer burn.  
  9. And isopropl alcohol is for cleaning wounds, not making hash. Yet...

    Silica gel prevents mold.
    Even a harvest that has been dried still retains moisture. Left in jars, if there is too much moisture, mold will form. I am a medical user in a non medical state, who grows once a year, enough to last me the entire year. I don't get a second chance if something bad happens. As a little extra insurance, I put a single small desicant pack in every jar. It does not alter the safety, flavor or potency of the weed. Its the same reason they put it in beef jerky or pepperoni packages.

    Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to educate people on the subject.:D
  10. My boyfriend once smoked year old weed that he found in a baggy in his attick. Still got him pretty baked :3
  11. Just get a jar
  12. Step 1- Read other steps
    Step 2- Go to kitchen 
    Step 3- Open fridge
    Step 4- Look for a jar of jelly?
    Step 5- BAM you just got yourself a jar
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    Any jar that will hold water will work! When you store cannabis in a plastic bag, you lose trichs. They stick to the baggie that you eventually toss! When you use a glass jar, a little vodka will remove them (drink it as is, or evaporate it).  As for the length of storage, my List has the answer. (As always! :laughing:  You really should get a copy. Send me an email- bottom of my sig) 
    The stability of cannabis and its preparations on storage.      (abst – 1976)
    "It is concluded that carefully prepared herbal or resin cannabis or extracts are reasonably stable for 1 to 2 years if stored in the dark at room temperature."
    An abstract on old samples  :ey:   -
    Stability of Cannabinoids in Dried Samples of Cannabis Dating from Around 1896-1905. (abst – 1990)
    And some REALLY old samples! Like 2700 years old!!!   :eek:
    Phytochemical and genetic analyses of ancient cannabis from Central Asia. (with pics!)
    (full – 2008)
    And this seems to fit in -
    Is today's marijuana more potent simply because it's fresher?         (full – 2012)
    Did you know that PubMed has cannabis grow tips? :laughing:   
    The Effect of Electrical Lighting Power and Irradiance on Indoor-Grown Cannabis Potency and Yield.       (abst – 2011)
    Photosynthetic response of Cannabis sativa L., an important medicinal plant, to elevated levels of CO2.      (abst – 2011)
    Granny :wave:
  14. i had my weed sitting in a cali evidence locker for 3+months while i waited for the da to give me my property back and holy shit was it insanly dank when i got it back - i shouldnt say dank because that means unpleasently moist and it was not that - i looked at the woman who conducted the roll sheet for the evidence locker and she gave me that look like grr stupid stoner and i just smiled and said thanks for giving my bud extra time to cure and wow i just wish i could have the patience to keep my weed in a container that long again. also ran into the same cop who took my stash and told him how awesome the smoke was and he was quite angry but his partner thought it was funny as shit i had the balls to tell him about it.
  15. If the nugs look good smoke em'.  
    If they look moldy, don't.  Simple enough right?
  16. plastic bags suck the thc from the buds, not right away but it starts happening, i wouldn't keep bud in a bag more than a day.
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    Well since I don't grow weed I can't comment on mold.  But, what I can comment on is buying good weed already properly cured like most people.  I store my weed in sealed jars so moisture can't get in or out.  Sometimes if I open the jar to often the weed tends to dry out over time.  That doesn't happen if the jar remains sealed.  If it starts to dry too much, I'll add a Boveda Humidipak 62% which the manufacture says is the ideal humidity level for Medical Marijuana.  They started these humidipacks with higher levels designed strictly for cigars but later designed the 62% packs just for Marijuana.  (see their website for more information)  
    Putting Silica Gel or any desicant in a jar with properly cured weed will dry it too much.  Weed needs some moisture, too much you get mold.  I can only say I've got all my trophy buds, some over 3 years old sealed in high quality glass jars, with silicon seals, rubber sucks, and using the Boveda moisture packs, the weed remains as tasty and fresh as the day I bought it.  I've got some Juicy Fruit that's gonna be 4 years old latter this month.  When I purchased it, Boveda didn't make the 62% packs so I just sealed it in the jar, then put it in the freezer.  Last year I opened the jar and noticed it was a little dry so I added the moisture pack, let it sit at room temperature for a few days, burping the jar every day.  Now, it's back in the freezer without the moisture pack, and it's as sticky and sweet smelling as it was when I bought it years ago.  It has lost some potency from age, but now I'm using Nitrogen and Aragon gas to displace the oxygen in my jars.  We'll see if the nitrogen keeps the potency better than air.  Nitrogen is used to preserve wine and other organic things from the ravages of oxygen during storage.  The Boveda moisture packs are 2-way design...they will add moisture, or absorb it like silica gel if needed to keep the humidity level at 62%.
    Try them, they're great.  available here:
    I didn't mean to criticize you for using silica gel, I know what it's used for and using it with fresh grown weed isn't what I thought you meant.  I'd never use it for cured weed...why would you if you want to keep some moisture.  Boveda did research to come up with the 62% number for marijuana.  They sell packs with various levels for different products.  Silica Gel, given enough volume and time will remove ALL'll end up with dry crunchy dust.
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    I use it in the middle of the cure. And i use small packs to avoid overdoing it. Using it at the beginning of the cure forces the moisture out too fast, making harsher smoke and less flavor IMO.
    I have noticed that the jars with the smaller buds get more dried out. Probably because they dried faster before being jarred. Its OK as I use these in my MFLB which seems to work best with dryer material.
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    Ive smoked buds over a year old and couldnt tell the difference except for a better high IMO. All strains are different w highs obviously but I just think the best buds are the ones cured for over 4+ months just after harvesting. Seems like it gets more ripe w age, like fruits....bananas etc.

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