Can weed cure shivering from being cold?

Discussion in 'General' started by catfish swiming, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Ok so today i went to the beach to go body boarding. I went for a walk up a track and smoked a joint then went and grabbed my body board from out the car and went body boarding for about an hour or two.

    When i got out i was shaking from being so cold! i was very cold and wet so i dried my self of with a towl and i was still shaking. I put on a t shirt and i was still shivering. I decided to eat a sandwitch and go sit on the car and warm up. I made my way to m car and listened to a song or two and decided to go smoke another joint. still shaking franticly at this point i lit the joint and it was shaking in my hand, i probably looked spastic. i took a hit, held it for 2 seconds, exhale. i took one more hit and the shaking stopped suddenly.... I was a little shocked.

    My theory is the hot smoke warms the inside of the body at its core or something? weird huh... weed can be used as a cure for shivering....
  2. Could be that, or the fact that you had just dried yourself off and was therefore warming up
  3. na i was shivering for like 5 minutes and right before i took that second hit i was shaking like crazy! Then it just stopped... Like i was like
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_____________________ if that makes sense...
  4. IDK doesn't it help that one disease where people shake uncontrollably? Forget the name ATM.
    I don't mind shivering though, we'd warm up slower without it.
  5. yes............ I believe so.

    hemp/"weed" actually can & does technically provide temporary relief at the least & is also good for a hell of a lot more.
  6. I've smoked my fair share of bowls in cold ass garages, i would always shiver
  7. Shivering is your bodies way of generating heat.

    I don't like shivering but I like not freezing more.
  8. Cure it? It ain't a disease and it sure as he'll isn't something you want to "cure". You need to shiver

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