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can weed cause nose bleeds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Trevo4311, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I've been getting super high this weekend and today I had 4 nose bleeds.. I haven't had a nose bleed for more than a year. Is it possible that the weed caused it or could it be something else?
  2. The air your breathing in through your nose could just be dry, During the dryer months of the year I tend to get a few nose bleeds. I also get them if my allergies have been acting up.
  3. or you could stop doing coke =P
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  4. I doubt it especially this time of year when there is lots of pollen it irritate your nose.
  5. When I first started doing proper french inhales, and exhaling slowly through my nose I would get one an hour or so after.. so I stopped exhaling slowly through my nose and I seemed to be fine.
  6. Heres the problem: you are getting nose bleed when super high
    Heres my question: Do you even know what your doing when your high?
  7. not sure weed causes nose bleeds but being high does. Last week i was stoned watching some TV and i was picking my nose non stop (i know its gross, but i was high). after i excavated everything i kept digging and had a massive nose bleed.
  8. I notice this thread is from 2009 but i'll reply anyway since I've had a relatable experience.
    After smoking, I was just laying on my bed enjoying the high. Usually when I smoke I have an increased heart rate. My phone rang, and I was worried about who was contacting me that late at night. All of a sudden I felt pressure go from my chest to my head, then a nosbleed started happening. (bong hits)
    The day after I went out and smoked in my car along with friends, and after being high, i felt the same pressure traveling and a nosbleed came again. (blunt)
    Not sure if It has to do with my blood pressure increasing as a side effect from being high, or if it was just a bad strain i smoked?
    Nevertheless, Ive been sort of reluctant to smoke habitually since then. But nevertheless it's better safe than sorry! If you decide to not slow down, then just remember to breathe steadily to regulate your vitals :)
    ~~happy days

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