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Can weed cause a heart attack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dahypeboi08, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I'm new to smoking and I've been doing a lot of background research on weed. I mean, you should know what you're putting in your body right?

    Anyway, I came across something that said weed is capable of causing heart attacks but never found hard proof of such an instance.

    So, I was wondering if it's possible to have a heart attack from smoking weed?

    Please respond with VALID facts and/or research.

  2. NO, thats my valid research
  3. Lol, but what makes you so sure about it? How can you provide a claim with no substantiation?



  4. Like i guess it can if you have a serious heart condition. A lot of websites over exaggerate symptoms of drugs.
  5. maybe cuz i smoke a lot and never have had a heart attack. Fact
  6. "But marijuana smoke is about twice as dangerous as exercise for a fit person, sex for a sedentary person, a tantrum of anger or a bout of anxiety."
  7. weed is completely harmless to your heart, unless you smoke it. marijuana is harmless if eaten, the only negative effects of marijuana are the effects of smoking. inhaling any smoke into your lungs is not gonna be good for you.

    still id say that smoking bud has little to no effects on your heart.

    it might actually be good. marijuana is the worlds best natural dialator. that means it increases blood flow throughout your body. (thats the reason your eyes get red, the blood vessels in your eyes expand to flow more blood)
    Marijuana increases bloodflow throughout your heart, so it good!
  8. Weed alone can NOT cause heart attacks, unless copious amounts of THC is consumed within a short duration of time, which is basically impossible unless you have an IV drip of THC. Unless you have a heart condition theres nothing to worry about. However weed can cause cardiac dysrhythmias and palpitations. Hope I helped bro.

    ~Mr.420Man~ :smoking:
  9. If you have a pre-existing heart condition, it is possible.
  10. If you have previously existing heart problems then it's probably best not to smoke.

  11. thats when you gotta start cookin with bud
  12. Here's some factual information:

    If smoking marijuana made anyone significantly more likely to have a heart attack, the government would be parading these people around in the streets screaming about how bad pot is for you.

    I'm still waiting for that to happen.
  13. Yes, the same way breathing, walking and running can.
  14. If you suffer from a heart condition in the first place then possibly yes!
  15. maybes it could cause a heart attack if the patient has a weak heart to start with, weed can cause panick attacks which seem like a heart attack andpanic attacks is something a person with heart disease don't need just smoke enough to feel good no need to cane it :)
  16. No. No it can not.
  17. Dont think so
  18. Not yet-- But It'll definetly make you feel like you're having one when you get "too high." :D
  19. if not can it help heart problems? it helps for other illness all i know is nobody has died from THC

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