Can we put cocoa butter on tattoos?

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  1. Hi Community,

    You all will admit that – the first thing that probably came to mind when you read the words ‘cocoa butter’ was an image of delicious, mouth-watering chocolate. I don’t blame you, lots of people think cocoa butter is the same as chocolate. I mean, technically it is (and we’ll get into that later). But for now, let’s answer if this main chocolate ingredient – cocoa butter – is safe to use on tattoos or not?

    Actually, I just got a tattoo earlier today. Is cocoa butter okay for fresh tattoos? This is my 2nd tattoo and the first one I literally just used water and antibacterial soap. Is cocoa butter a better option?

    Your thoughts?
  2. I really appreciate your views, pls share it.
  3. For fresh tattoos, this has been my go to for almost 20 years 5EDB9E31-B1D5-4F86-AF5C-128939267325.jpeg
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  4. Vaseline is all I ever used.
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  5. It should work fine for you. So should the other choices listed above or even A&D ointment.
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  6. antiseptic moisturizer is a better choice
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  7. Agreed with all 3 options. Used to use A&D and Vaseline when I was out of A&D. Now I just prefer aquaphor :)
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  8. Seeing for the first time, thanks!
  9. I used Neosporin antibiotic gel, ..
    can we get s pic of the ink?
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    Most people here are wrong, sorry.
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    When it's fresh, you use nothing. A week or so later, if it feels dry, you can use unscented lotions.
    (Personally I use Lubriderm, but there are other acceptable lotions out there as well). Do not use any petroleum based products.

    The Neosporin, Vaseline, aquaphor, and a&d mentioned above are petroleum based. Do not use these.

    A very light later of cocoa butter can be helpful..personally I have not used it, but I did some research and it seems like a fine choice.
  12. Agreed, I only use lubriderm as well, but only once it start to dry over/scab and still only a very small amount..and im actually hearing alot of ppl now just dry healing there tatts(no creams whatsoever) things have changed alot since my first tatt back in '96..u just wanna keep the scabbing to as little as possible

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  13. Thanks all of you for your suggestions.
  14. Hopefully it doesn't promote infection..

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