Can we get a sub forum??

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by hoodtalker_1, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Within Recreational use, since this is now used for ALL pick-ups can we have it be a bit more organized:



    Glass (bongs, bowls, bubblers)

    Paper (blunts, joint, etc)

    Other (hot knives, vaps, hash, butter, homemade pieces)
  2. I think all these sub forums are ridiculous.
  3. This forum is fine it doesn't need to get broken up nobody would bother visiting anymore.

    I like having them all in one place cuz sometimes i like to see some nice glass AND a fat rolled blunt, and i'll probably be too stoned to want to waste my time switching sub-forums.

    Besides, if I have pictures of my headies going into a blunt with a bong filled with mids right next it it, where would I post them?
  4. haha ok, just an idea.

    im pretty fucked up now plus i have OCD so i was just getting stressed and overwhelmed, wanting it to be organized. sorry for the rant.

    but what are peoples views
  5. I feel you, sometimes I get overwhelmed after smoking because there's so much going on in this forum it's hard to keep up. Not to mention the ---!!!--!#&^@! NEW BOWL *#$&*~~~!!--- some people have been putting in post titles lately to get more views.

    I've migrated to the seemingly more sophisticated General forum.

    +rep for trying though :wave:
  6. haha i tried at least. thanks, i made my own pick-up thread to clean it up a one else followed my example. and its nice so people can see all my buds in one simple thread
  7. Keep it going man. I am about to do the same thing with my bud pickups. Just did one for my glass.
  8. i see that, you like the clean organization of it right?
  9. It's much easier. Plus I get a lot of PMs asking for links.

  10. yea see i wasnt crazy
  11. ^^ When did he get banned??

  12. I just checked and it was this afternoon. He posted something that was against the rules and the Moderator gave a very short temp ban.

  13. what about like. deleting REC. i honestly hate it up there. i feel like im at fuckin chuckie cheeze or sum shit.

    but on second thought, i dont want all those kids chillin with us kool cats:cool:

  14. so true!

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