Can we breed stronger smoking males?

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  1. For those who pull the males out during the flower, good on ya. What if we started breeding the males to have more THC so we can make oils and treats with them after we pull em?
  2. That's an awesome read bro. Thanx :)
  3. why ? you want to pick seeds out of your buds?

    Jesus Christ !!!! the bullshit tossed around on this site is getting knee deep.

    just learn how to cull your males, find a mother and clone, like the rest of us .
  4. Allow me to enlighten you Warfrat. For those of us who either A: don't live in a legal state, and/or B: those of us who don't have the time and/or money to just buy dank, would rather get the most out of "bag seed". Think about it, if males had the same potency as females, why the hell would you discard it?
  5. cuz;

    A. I dont want to pick seeds out my damn buds !

    B. my patients don't want to pick seeds out of their damn buds !

    D. my Co-op doesn't want to sell my seeds in buds, so they dont pay for seedy buds

    C. we have been selectively breeding cannabis for 4K+ years.. don't you think it HAS BEEN TRIED !!!!!! or are you so smart you can beat out where 300+ generations have failed?

    explain to me why you want males to be smokable..shit you can buy fem'd beans for less then 3 Bucks per bean?

    to have any usefulness you'll need to let em got full term which means seedy buds. I dont get the logic ..when you can just learn to either cull or clone..or just buy fem'd seeds.
  6. I agree that we should just probably use females. lol

  7. He said to make oils..
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    dude .. go grow some pot and THINK !!!!

    no way to grow males W/O pollinating buds, UNLESS you only grow males:rolleyes:

    seriously you folks, just need to learn how to pre-sex, then males well never get old enough to matter. unless you're breeding.
  9. I agree with you on some things wharfrat. Why grow males when we already have bomb azz females? I may be a bit off topic here btw...

    If anything to collect pollen from them. Males are not useless... they produce more females after all... Plus with so many strains being strictly feminized, there is a definate need for males. Males can multiply a $xxx investment in seeds too...
    what is wrong with that?

    There totally is a way to grow males w/o pollinating the ladies... seperate grow areas come to mind first.

    It is very true that beans are super cheap, but what if you could get 300 from the investment of 5? Screw spending the extra money, with a little time you can save tons of cash!

    But yeah, your point is completely valid... over the generations, there has been little progress in improving the potency of males. But does that mean that it is impossible, or that the focus has been on the females?

    Having a very small set up myself, I would much rather produce my own seeds and cull males later. Plus then there is experimenting...

  10. You ever smoked pollen?

  11. No I don't think it has been focused on to any extent by any growers. There is a good chance there is a lot of room to improve here. With so much focus on female plants one day there will be a limit as to what can be done with them. Males, however, have not had generations of selective breeding and cloning. Don't you think that there could be different traits available to those who focus on males as much as females? Being smokable would be nice, in fact you can if you want already, it's just far from ideal though.

    You sound like a producer, not a breeder. Your customers want a certain product provided a certain way. Thats fine. That has nothing to do with breeding however, that is propagation.
  12. I think breeding for strong males could hold a niche place in the breeding market. Make it a little easier to find stud males, so that the production of regular seeds and crosses becomes a little easier...

    For the commercial side of things, consumers want stellar females obviously. But for amateur breeders, finding the studly males is the much harder thing to do.

    I have more thoughts on this, but I think the topic get's laughed off too easily.
  13. Absolutely NorCal. For those of us who can't grow out hundreds or thousands of seed plants every year looking for the needle in the haystack this would be a big bonus for us pollen chuckers. In my youger day when I could treck many miles of land each day and grow, I would ever so often grow out a trichome laden male , that even the premature tops would blow your head off when you smoked a fatty. Of course, with no knowledge of pollen storage at the time a lot of them were never used other than to top out till right before they spewed as a means to get stoned in mid-summer when I was low or out of dope.
  14. lol you dont want males.... at all, unless smoking balls is your thing! but really they just take up space and ruin precious females with babies! and if you want anything for oils you should especially be using quality seedless bud!
  15. Couldn't breeding the males up to a higher thc essential help pass genetics for higher concentrations on further generations? Its further than getting an initial yeild, also a nice looking plant, is a nice looking plant. Wether it is smoked or not.

    I think its kinda sad when folks flame other people for wanting to explore different techniques, and ideas when it comes to growing. It is how we further the knowledge database and the help the process.
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    This has been happening for ages.

    Like breeding horses, the male, the STUD, is as important part.
    Breeders have been selecting male plants that show characteristics that they want to carry on for AGES now.

    I don't feel like your question has been completely answered yet though.

    Bottom line: seeds are very random. Seeds coming from a reputable breeder only gives you an idea of the genetics of the plant. The plant that comes out of the seed could be WILDLY different depending on the stability of the strain. (phenotypes)

    So, to answer your question, to an extent, people breed males, but not the way you suggest. You can't breed for a specific plant gender characteristics. Through inbreeding however, you CAN 'lockdown' certain traits (eg. resinous plants)

    FUN FACT: THC is old news! Breeding CBD is the craze now. IMO of course.
  17. I hear that. I prefer the lighter buzz of the CBD. Some of those high THC strains give me anxiety for the first 30 mins.
  18. You have to select the strongest males each generation just like

    when you take the strongest female in your breeding program.
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    Hey folks... this is my first post in this forum. Not much on males to contribute but thought I'd post this thought. I know that age and genetics in the male plant can contribute to a massive stone effect. I bought some White Widow seed years ago and attempted to raise a mother plant for cloning. Low and behold, when the season began to shorten after topping this particular plant several times I discovered that it was a male when I had just taken a bunch of clones and then started to flower this plant (they were supposed to be all feminized). Couldn't believe that after all the seed I choose this dad-gum male out of the whole bunch. Then I cut the tops and dried them. It was one of the most potent highs I had ever experienced. The plant was six months old when I chopped it. It was so potent that it reminded me of my very first experience 39 years ago. My buddy who first turned me on, he was taking me home, we were riding down the road and I placed my hands on the dash and said: " Donnie, if you don't slow down, you're going to kill us... his response... man, we're only going 35 mph." The short of it all... I was tripping from the White Widow male plant because I had laid off smoking for about four days. Age and genetics in males creates quality smoke.

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