Can water be too soft?

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  1. I came across this article that says the ppm should be closer to 100 to 150 for pot plants, I always thought the fewer ppm the better.

    Any truth here or what[​IMG]

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  2. I used my tap water on my last grow in soil and this grow in coco. If you are using ro water or heavy filtered water you will probably need calmag especially if you are growing in coco.

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  3. i think lower is better but i dunno if you want like super low, like distilled level low, ALL the time. after i bought a carbon filter unit for my house's water inlet ive pretty much had 0 problems with waterings and feedings
  4. I did a DWC grow start to finish with my tap water(public supply, not well), no filtration. Just pH down and nutes. No problems whatsoever. I don't know my water's PPM off the top of my head and the meter's not nearby to check, but filtration isn't necessarily a must.
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  5. Haha yep you will get the quacks who will swear the calcium particles tap water can't be absorbed by the plants lol.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  6. Some water like RO and heavily filtered water is to clean for soil. Calcium, magnesium and other bennificial elements will need to be re-added. Chances are if you're growing in soil your tap water is exactly what they need. I fell into the myth of heavily filtered water for soil grows. Had to supplement deficiencies with more nutrients. Went back to tap water, less nutrients needed.

    Leave the RO and heavily filtered water for the hydro guys. A healthy soil doesn't need it. Cannabis Gardner's are the only ones that go to such senseless extremes in soil.
  7. I'm very new to the game but all my reading suggests,, Yes! Tap water provides some micro nutes that plants need. If you buy distilled or even RO the water then you will need to supplement for what the tap already has.
    My 2c anyway.
  8. As I said, hydro/DWC doesn't strictly need it either. I got good results with just tap water. The funny thing is, I actually own an RO system, but I'm not about to use it for that many gallons because it just plain takes too long and I'm not convinced it's worthwhile.
  9. By the looks of some of the ops posts on other threads he's growing in soil, so therefore I thought I would give information that pertains to his type of growing. Notice how I said soil several times? I wasn't talking to you bro...its the ops thread
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  10. I know that, simply showing tap water as compared to ro. If I used ro or distilled water for a week, my plants would become def of cal and mag. Also killing a few myth's but its dependent on your city water.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  11. That's awesome bro. I'm not sure why you're telling me this. I gave the op info pertinent to his grow and the question raised in his thread. Thank you for telling him about coco
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  12. I'm using tap water and still having ca mag issues, so just smashing it with CALMAG nutes... seems this strain is a pig for it and I'm doing DWC Aas well
  13. Yup, some strains will require CALMAG, even if you aren't using filtered. My last grow was 2 different strains. One never cared about more than came in the water. The other went deficient and needed supplementing. So, it pays to know that is something to watch for.
  14. Yeah man I still can't get rid of new orange spots appearing but I'm adding as much as the bottle says, maybe I'll give more than it says.
  15. Maybe too much? Are you doing feed water water?

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  16. Thanks for all the tips and info.

    I am in soil, outdoors.

    If I get epsom how much should I use and should I do foliar or soil feed

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  17. Just mix it in with the water as per directed.
  18. Thanks

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