Can urine cause males?

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    A grow I experimented on, I used urine as the main and only fertilizer. So far the grow is 5 males, and 1 hermie. Does urine cause a greater amount of males? Or am i just very unlucky?

  2. Well I thank you for being a huge douche, even better your doing it in the Absolute Beginners section.. :rolleyes:
  3. I'd say that's pretty solid evidence that urine causes male plants. Or at least raises the chances for males.
  4. before saying ur piss caused males what is the info about the rest of the grow? I peed on my girlfriends feet in the shower once in the beginning of the pregnancy and we had a boy! :laughing: Im sure there were other factors involved though. My point is maybe its something other than using urine that caused the males. +rep though for trying something different.:smoke:
  5. Well I would say urine causes that if that is the result of your experiment. Why did you do that? If your using regular seed 50/50 chance of male female.
  6. There's a 3.12% chance of his results normally happening. I did the math. I'd say the urine changed the Ph to more acidic.
  7. i piss around my spot sorta, never directly where the roots are..

    out of 8 i started i got 3 females... that' nearly 50/50.
  8. I gotta question. Did you use straight urine or did you dilute it firtst?
  9. I diluted it about 1/10 ratio.
  10. 1 part piss 10 parts water or the other way around?
  11. "piss contains alota stuff you dont want in your soil... ammonia/salts/nitrogen
    this all differs from piss to piss.. depending on what you've been drinking...
    ammonia and salts are very bad.... if your gonna use piss i suggest flushing your soil atleast every month... to clear the salts and ammonia.."
  12. What kinda pisss did you use?
  13. 10 parts water, 1 part urine. My own urine.
  14. lmfao bro i am bombed and i havnt laughed like that in the longest time that was made my quote of the the month in my sig
  15. and who the hell pisses on a plant for fertilizer?it does work as fertilizer but who pisses on there weed plant your spose to tend to your plants not piss on them take care of her and she will take care of you before the long winter comes along hell she might even make you money if your a drug dealer

  16. Its not like I pulled my dick out and pissed all over my plants...
  17. Lol, I'm sure some dude somewhere has walked into his grow room and given his plants a golden shower. Lmao!
  18. Next grow try it with womens urine and let me know if you get better results.
  19. I think it was just bad genetics. This experiment proves nothing.

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