Can u use compost teas and bottled nutrients?

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  1. I've been flowering 4wks already and I want to make a 5gal late flower tea to just support healthy and stimulating flower production. I have a local compost, earthworm castings, kelp meal, bat guano, molasses, and some azomite and was wondering if there is anything else I should consider adding or subtracting from this combo. This time I just used 1 cup compost, 1cup ewc, 1tblspn kelp, guano, azomite, & 25ml molasses. All help appreciated. ✌
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  2. Leave out the bat guano and throw in some organic banana peels! Guano is really strong and this late into flower could cause issues, foxtailing, etc.

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  3. I'll toss some nannerpeels in my compost pile this year for sure!

    It's fall, I was driving and saw a neighborhood where they take yard leaves into bug bags and place them at edge of street. A guy gave me a couple.

    Would it be benefitting to store the leaves and such in the bags over winter as my compost pile already has many leaves on it.

    And when spring comes, empty them on the pile with veggies and that nannerpeels?

    Thought about driving down today and seeing if there's a couple more I can grab!
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  4. sounds perfect!
    just watched a youtube video a few days ago in fact about different ways to make leaf mold / leaf compost. This one guy did exactly what you just described.
    he filled big black plastic bags as filled as possible with leaves. He broke down / crumbled up the leaves best he could - helps break things down faster and gets more leaves in the bag. you could even take a leaf blower and reverse it on "mulch mode" that some do that shreds the leaves.
    Once the bag is filled take a hose and make sure all the leaves gets saturated with water. by now no doubt a few holes got punctured in the plastic bag from leaves, small branches, etc, but it not just make sure a few small holes are there for excess water drainage and air.
    close bag, let sit until spring.
    open bag to leaf mold / leaf compost. for garden :)

    you could even toss in some "amendments" to compost in with the leaves to "pre-amend" your compost. They didn't mention this in the video but @Organic sinse does that it in his worm bins so I'd imagine it should work the same way.
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