can u top a plant in 12/12 and get more yield

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    what is the best time to top a plant.can u top a plant when its on 12/12?i have never toped a plant befor but some ppl say u get more yield is this long would it take the plant to get back in to shape after topping it??
  2. The yield comment is debatable,,, regardless what is not up for question is topping your plant in flower will DECREASE your yield. This should occur in VEG.
  3. oh ok thanks alot.what time in veg do u top?
  4. I top mine 3 or so times, this really helps to get them to bush out. I usually top them the first time once they have 3-4 layrs of branches going so roughly 8ish inches tall? That will force the plant to fork, then another 3 levels or so and cut again. Usually on my 3rd topping I have 4 tops to cut per plant and its not too far from the flowering phase so that is when I keep all of the tops and toss em in the clone box with a little clone-x gel.
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    this could very from grower to grower. if you are looking to increase yeild look-up LST(low stress training). works very well for getting as many top from a plant and incresing yeild in small spaces....bonus, less stress.

    good luck.
  6. You can combine topping/fimming with LST or scrog as well, doesn't have to be cutting vs. training.

    I agree don't top once in 12/12.

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