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can u tell what strand?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by yuri-san, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Hey guys,

    i got this plant 2 weeks ago for 10$ from a friend who's dad has been growing hydro for around 8 years i've got no idea what strands it came from but his dad called it "tangerine" cuz of the fruity smell (witch is not very strong but is supposed to become stronger when budding) To clear up, this is a hybrid for sure and probably a good one since the guy has over 8 years experience but i'd like to know if some ppl can tell what it was created from.

    if anyone can do that please post your thoughts!


    oh and notice the tip of a few leaves is a bit dry, i think they got that from beeing in a paper bag for an hour for transport but i'm not sure, i just transplanted it to a bigger pot and gave it 2 brand new fluos and i'm waiting to see if its gonna be happy or not

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  2. yeh i konw buying small plants is unusual but it guaranteed it to be a female :p
  3. i wish that there was a shop in town where you could buy weed plants!
  4. Judging by the verdant hue on the pestules and the unique palmate leaf structure, I'd say it's definitely in the cannabis genus.

    What'd you expect?
  5. hey i dont know much about that stuff i thought maybe some ppl could tell witch species plants are by looking at it, no need to be smart about it i just plain, din't know so i asked. but thx for making me look like a total idiot that makes me feel better.
  6. thx, yeah i did transplant it ;) and i gave it 2 new flos (i also know hps are more recommended but i dont have the space and $$ ) and i tyed it down to get the lower part stronger.

    i dunno when i'll have more pics but i'll post some later on for sure!


    oh and my friend (who sold it to me) said he thinks its a hybrid from "tangerine" and "marley" duno if those are known but i've smoked marley and it was pretty good. btw i live in canada so maybe i'm the only one that has those kinds... anyways we'll see if hes right.

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