can u tell what kind of strain this is? 2 different kinds

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  1. my friend says the pic with teh smaller leaves mite be bubba kush. is that how they look? darker leaves than the other brighter picture? cus he had a stash of seeds and he says he onlys gets bubba and og kush. cus the smaller, darker one looks more of a strong indica because its really short

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  2. uhh there way too young right now
  3. alright tehres a 50/50 chance that each of them is either a bubba and og, would u say that the left one looks more of a buba seedling or og? judging by the length and the width of the leaves
  4. at a few days old they could look like anything. it is all about the lighting and soil at first. the age those are a sativa could look like an indica even. it's like having sex and going the the hospital the same week to find out if it is a boy or girl.

    the shorter one is has most likely gotten more light. the darker leaves are also a sign of better light.

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