can u tell me what u think of this

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  1. can u rate n tell me what i need to improve on? [ame=]Dreams Money Can Buy - YouTube[/ame]
  2. can barely hear the voice (have to actually read the lyrics)
  3. so is thats all thats wrong? do u like the lyrics?
  4. Your English, for one.
  5. -.- what's wrong with my english?
  6. most excellent, you rock change nothing, wait you started rappin about money, nvm your just status quo joe
  7. It's pretty good, theres a few cheesey lines in there but its pretty sweet overall. Just put more feelings and emotions into your rappin like when your spittin, it sounds abit plain
  8. i really liked the beat alot, whos is that?
    like dude said, put more emotion into it. you sound like the typicalwhite kid that just started writing raps yesterday.

  9. well the songs called "Dreams Money Can Buy" so money kinda has to be mentioned plus im not bragging abt having it.
  10. im the mexican kid whos been writing for a few yrs tho :( lol. well everyone said put more emotion intoo it so ima have to work on that.

  11. yeah the lyrics are straight, it's not music I listen to normally but the lyrics aren't bad. have some more songs?

  12. yeah i just posted 2 more vids on my youtube channel

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