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can u smoke shroom stems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xXSuperXdroXx, May 20, 2006.

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  1. So i was smoking with a buddy of mine and today is my birthday so he said he\'s coming over at 3:30 to smoke a blunt with shroom stems in it. I never knew you could smoke shrooms. But yeah ive only aten them

    so can u smoke shrooms yes/no?
  2. smoke that shit you wont
  3. You can smoke them it will taste like shit and it is a waste of shrooms but it won\'t hurt you. Thae active ingridient in shrooms, psilocybin, is destroyed at tempatures above 40 celcius so your not not gonna trip but i would suggest just smokin a blunt and eating some shrooms
  4. yea thats what i thought thanks for the help guys.

    im gonna tell my friends if trhere gonna smoke um ill eat um
  5. Theres no point really, in smoking shrooms. Just pop em and smoke some dank. Surefire way to a good night:hello:
  6. Probably would be a waste of stems, but I have heard of a few people smoking shrooms, and tripping... but I\'m not sure if thats true or not.
  7. If you\'re talking about Psilocybin/Psilocin mushrooms, you can not smoke them as the respective chemical can not tolorate temperature and are in fact all desirable effects are destroyed by smoking them. I have heard of certain species of mushroom that are not psilocibin and contain typtamines that are evidently smokable. Don\'t go there though.
  8. Yeah i definately would not smoke the stems but i have smoked the crystals with bud in a blunt a couple of times and got retarded.
  9. Crystals shrooms don\'t have any crystals man do you mean the crystals from the bud like kief or what
  10. shrooms dont work as well when you smoke them, so i normally dont, but if you want you can mix them in w/ some weed and it will definatly enhance the high... but it wont be a trip if thats what you\'re looking for.... warning: they REEK and taste like shit
  11. I find the best thing to do is eat most of the shrooms then smoke a bowl of shrooms and some good dank and ull be on your way to the wonderland.
  12. Anyone who is smoking shrooms and getting some type of high is getting a placebo effect. Psilocybin the active ingredient in mushrooms is destroyed at 40 celcius. It is an absolute waste to smoke shrooms, whether it be stems or caps. Don\'t waste your money.
  13. does anyone no of wild shrooms that grow in ontario? cuz theres mushrooms all over my feild and i want to no if they are any can i find out without eating them.. i dont feel like dieing
  14. get a book and study it. Then get a microscope and learn how to take spore prints
  15. spore prints? like a finger print but on a mushroom? is there any good online sites that distinguish between the different types of mushrooms?
  16. heat kills psilocibin(sp), so no you don\'t want to smoke mush.
  17. i believe that Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria) can be smoked.

    but psylos cannot and shouldnt be as it is a waste of shrooms.
  18. What about throwing them in a blender or something?

    More surface area = faster chemical reactions no?
  19. I doubt it\'d be good to have fungus spores in your lungs. Enjoy.
  20. \"National audobon society feild guide on north american mushrooms\" that book has all mushrooms and spore print charts, color photos, anything you could want to know about mushroom including color photos. Spore prints are not really fingerprints, but the cap is placed on a piece of paper the spores fall off and then put under a microscope to identify. It is not very easy to do but that is the only way to positivley identify mushrooms. So the best thing to do is buy the stuff to grow your own. A good site is and a very good info site is
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