Can U Guess The Yeild ?

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  1. Ok I know you guys are gonna say it depends on this and that to guess the yeild , but if u have to take a wild guess , how much bud should I be expecting from her? She was vegging for about 5 weeks , 1st week of flowering and they're 3 cfls in there


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  2. >9000 mg
  3. yeah what he^ said. wtf is a jib? lol.
  4. 4-10 grams dry
  5. Wild guess: 5 grams.
    Tell me more about those three CFLs 

    Are they 6500 K or 2100 K or a mix of both?

    Second, wattage! Important bro

  6. Jib, Jibba, joint, old school mainer, lol

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