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can u get high from smoking seeds?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by F0ur2zer0, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. can u get high from smoking seeds? i dont rly want to try this because ive heard its rly bad for you..... so any thoughts on this subject?
  2. Nope. Can't get high off seeds.
  3. no and from what i hear because i havent tried it, even just a seed or two in a bowl will give you a bad head ache
    Stems are pretty bad but they could get you high.
    Seeds will just give you a really bad headache
  5. they gotta taste like shit too lol
  6. I smoke the buds and stems, I know everyone says "Omg stems are bad" but everyone in my circle just throws em in the bowl.

    But seeds are taboo, they give headaches
  7. I had a seed in a bowl of schwag one time, worst weed by the way.
    They just popped.
    If you have some bud in there i'm sure it wont hurt you.
    But it wont get you high of seeds alone.
  8. u get a headache

  9. Yes.

    No smoking seeds unless you like headaches and no high, shit taste mouth. Ahh doesnt seem interesting to me. :smoke:
  10. haha i think smoking seeds taste alot like....


    im serious o_O
  11. Throw them in the ground.

    Nature will take care of the rest.
  12. yah! Really high!
  13. you get popcorn
  14. It wont get you high, but it wont give you a headache either, people just think that cause everyone says it
  15. Smoking seeds leaves an awful flavor in your mouth. Leaves the pipe/bowl tainted as well. Just thinking of the after taste that smoking a seed leaves around makes me cringe.:devious:
  16. no you can't and seriously why did you put this in seasoned, its a pretty well known fact
  17. why is this in seasoned tokers??

    too many rediculous questions lately
  18. SEED HEAD! fuck that...
  19. Yes, you can get high from seeds. All you have to do is put them in the ground and plant them. When they grow and flower, smoke the buds. You'll get high.
  20. hardy har har^^

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