can u continue to flower and harvest?

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  1. once the buds have reached time for harvest do i have to harvest the whole plant or can i just trim off the colas and then keep up with water, 12/12, and ferts will the plant keep producing buds?
  2. You can trim the top colas and let your bottom nugs fatten up a bit. But they usually never get much bigger than they are by harvest time. Also, letting the buds go beyond harvest time can lead to bud rot and or turn it into a hermie. But 1-2 weeks extra will probably not hurt the plant though.

  3. They won't continue producing new buds repetitively or indefinitely when kept in 12/12, not with any amount of reliability anyhow (depending on the strain, continuing 12/12 after harvest is usually impractical/impossible, to a waste of time, at-best)......

    However...... :)

    You can re-veg your entire plants, after a harvest, or if you have a tiny vegging chamber, then at any time during veg or flower you may take cuttings to root, and veg or reveg... any of those methods will provide you with plants that may be flowered again, almost indefinitely! :hello:

    You can continue that cycle, keeping a 'single plant' alive, and productive, for years and years on end. :)
  4. why doesnt everyone do that? is it less effort to just regrow?
  5. Not positive, but I think the stress has the possibility to make the plant hermi.
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    Revegging a plant with a pre-existing root system generally takes longer (in my experience by as little as a week, to sometimes a month longer) than cuttings taken from the same plant, at the same time, to be revegged while rooting. Though they are smaller to begin with, they will often dwarf the 'mother', in a matter of weeks.

    The combination of the plant's life-cycle 'coming to an end' and the effect it has on the existing root system, and being depleted of nutrients, seems to cause the plant to take a while longer to produce green lush growth, while I'll see it in as little as 4 - 7 days with cuts, often even as they're producing their first roots.

    Having multiple cuts from the same plant, also helps to ensure its survival; if your single revegged plant fails, and you have no cuttings, that's it and you're out of luck (unless you want to experiment with plant cell/tissue culturing, which is an option :p).
    But if you take even only 4 cuts during harvest, and if only half of them survive, that's still twice as many plants as you started with! :)

    For more info/examples, here's a post I made in a similar thread on re-vegging, and taking flowering-cuttings.


    Turning a cutting into this, in two weeks or less... in another week or so she's put into flowering (indoors), and with
    adequate lighting, by harvest they're between 6' - 8'.


    A younger 'Red Crown' Widow cut, taken much later in bloom, already growing new branches (six or seven days
    from being cut and put into a 20/4 cycle)...


    If you haven't already removed them earlier on when pruning, a few 10" - 15" lowest-most branches that may
    only have small or whispy buds, are ideal for dividing and cutting into 3 - 5 clones. When pruning and cleaning up the
    base, I always keep in mind to leave a few behind for cuttings, later on. [​IMG]

    For instance, this is the sister of the above plant, taken from a lower point of the same branch...


    Those last two were taken just before the harvest, so it's certainly possible and just about as easy, but taking cuttings at
    20 - 25 days 12/12 usually allows for the fastest turn around; they are more easily reverted back to a vegetative state
    at this time, than if the cuttings are taken any later, or during the harvest. In conjunction with a very dialed-in
    environment, flowering cuttings can provide the below results in a 11 - 12 week growth cycle, counting from cutting,
    to harvest.

    A nug from the upper left-middle portion of the above plant, one of five or six 'major colas' like it (in a room of six ladies
    of the same size/strain... this is 'Feralocity' though, aka Aussie Big Bud [​IMG]).

    Anyhow, good luck and have fun! [​IMG]

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