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Can U Buy Thc.....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ill_will, May 21, 2013.

  1. Can u buy thc????????if so where.????????
  2. Maybe...Close your eyes and try really, really hard. :cool:
  3. You can buy it in a plant called marijuana, from your local illegal marijuana dealer. 
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    Not that I know of, at least not legally. Why would you want to buy THC anyways? Just get some weed and a vape.
    Besides, pure THC sucks, you'd be missing out on the other cannibinoids such as CBD.
  5. No, that's why nobody has ever successfully purchased marijuana.
  6. You can buy liquid THC....smh
  7. you'd still get high?
    Very true. Many with panic attacks should actually seek a lower THC (or higher CBD) product. :smoke:
    Same with medical patients seeking pain relief. CBD calms you down, makes you sleepy, relieves pain, and gives you the body high. THC makes you energetic, creative, head-high, more likely to be paranoid, and makes you have to move. Indica's have a higher CBD content giving you the couch lock.
    CBD is the bomb.

  10. On the internet.........
  11. Its called kief and hash...
  12. ^^^^ that and you can get it from a medical dispensary( if they have them in your area), you can learn how to make it but i hear It's pretty dangerous, or you can get it off the street.
  13. Don't buy an illegal substance on the internet.
  14. You can by kief. Or kief hash (compressed hash). Some dealers have it every now and again. But it's a garuntee find at a dispensery.
  15. Yea it comes in this stuff called weed though. 

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