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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by jstducky420, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. these are some questions i have been pondering, you now how right before you fall asleep and you have all these things going through your mind. or if u get realy stoned and you have nothing to do your mind starts to run. well these questions drive me nutts everytime im stoned and bored.

    Q: why do people drive on parkways and park an driveways?

    Q: where did the solar system come from?(not the Big Band theory either)

    Q:how was man created?

    Q: did we realy start out as monkeys?

    Q: if so where did they come from?

    Q: if not did a "god" realy create us?

    Q: and if so where did he/ she come from?

    Q:what is the color of the grass called green and not purple or blue or yellow?

    Q: how was the first word created?

    Q: what was the first word created?

    Q: how do these scientists make up thses big long words?

    Q: are they really words?

    think about it if you can answer any of them please do so cuz i have no idea.
  2. You seem to have all the questions and none of the answers.Why do you hate everybody?
  3. pot head its a joke because everyone had a problem with my old quote if anyone else is reading thins please dont take it into offense
  4. [/quote]

  5. doh! what a load of gramatical and spelling and typo errors.

    i hope it still makes sence (if it even would have in the first place) because i cant be arse going back to correct it all.
  6. When I was in chemistry I remember igniting some hydrogen, rather then the expected pop, I got a very loud high pitched chouwawa(spelling) bark...
  7. digit you seem to have a lot of answers and i thank you for them. i understood even with the errors. you seem to ba a smart person. if any one would like to hypothesize of my questions please do. and digit i can rest easy now lol

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