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Can topical creams make you fail a drug test?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bongsauce, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Hi :)

    I was just wondering if the topical use of a canna based cream or oil would have a chance at showing up on a drug test(ua?)? I have a friend with a skin condition and wanted him to try some cream that I make. I would guess that it doesn't...but he has to take tests for work and I want to be absolutely sure.

    I was hoping someone could link me to any info about it...I did a few searches but didn't come up with any info I was looking for.

    If you think no...please back it up with why. Like I said my gut is telling me that it wouldn't show up...but I need to be positive.

    Thanks GC :wave:
  2. I really am under no authority to answer this, but I would say yes. I know oils in our fingers adsorb cannabanoids, and if the topical application is helping him any, I feel like it would be inside his body? Especially if using daily/multiple times a day. Again, really have no idea. I'm sure someone with some real credentials will answer : ]
  3. I doubt it, the cream probably would not have active thc in it if its only meant for external use. However our skin breaths and absorbs what we put on it which is why chemicals like paint thinner and acetone should be handled with gloves.
  4. Yes. My mom is 71 and got high from using the ointment I gave her.
    If she was high, it was in her blood/fat.
  5. mandelbaum! mandelbaum!
  6. If you use a non-steroid cream you shouldn't have any problems with passing a test :)
  7. Are you talking about topical creams infused with cannabis that get you stoned? Or just about normal hemp lotion? With cannabis infused lotion, he will fail the drug test lol its in his bloodstream

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