can this work?!

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  1. eyo!
    can someone tell me if this will work:

    stage1: germinate seeds usin the wet apper towel method and wait for the root 2 get kinda long

    stage2: make a likle hole so that the taproot can slide through the hole,then drop it in leaving the shell on top of the soil surface

    stage3:after 2 days of sowing the seeds place fluoro lights above them 18/6 4 a week... after a week they will go in greenhouse

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  2. r u sure this will work cos ppl from uk420 forum tell me different.

    here is a reply someone sent me on uj420
    "Ummm no you burry the WHOLE thing. If not you'll just burn it. Let it pop out of the ground when it's ready. You're more likely to stunt growth than accelarate."

  3. Fluros dont burn things, they dont give off enough heat.

    But if I were you, I'd just burry it all the way under.
  4. Plus, if you let the root get THAT long, its very prone to getting bacteria on it, as its left in that wet warm germination area, which is perfect for growing things, even bacteria.

    So try to plant it when the root tip just pops out, basicly, let it come out a few CM's
  5. You really should bury the whole thing and let it come up on its own. Most seeds in the natuarl state are driven into the ground by rain and or snow. Burying the seed underground will give the tap root enough time to reach the water source before the first leaves come out.
  6. In my experience, it is better to allow the seeds to germinate in place, at a depth of 2-3 times the length of the seed. The 2 main reasons are: to let the root grow undisturbed, because it is covered with very delicate root hairs, and to cause the sprout to struggle a little as it pushes out of the soil, which helps the stem to begin stronger.
    Grow in peace, my children, ye olde earth girl {8^D
  7. letting the seed push out of the dirt helps knock the seed caseing off aswell, if u try growing like that all ur gonna grow is root i think. i wudnt try it with seeds that i paid good money for but if ur bord and got some spare seeds lyin around give it a blast and let us know how it goes.

  8. a flouro has a much worse light to heat ratio than a MH or HPS.
  9. mmm, hard one.....take for example my 400wHPS gives off 70degrees of heat, but a little fluro will be lucky to give off less than 5, if it's cool white............when they first sprout, i put it under a fluro, as the HPS is a bit too strong for the cotlydons, unless it's at a far distance.........and remember no light till it sprouts..........Peace out.......Sid

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