Can this branch me cloned? Is it too late? Need some *expert* advice ...

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    This branch has been weak for a while now. It got partially broke in a storm, and it hasn't ever fully healed. It is obviously still healthy though by the looks of it. It is the one that is tied to another branch for support.



    *** Note the other branch that is tied up as well (with a shorter amount of rope) ... I came out one morning to find it half broken too. However, that was on a calm night, no storms, no rain - nothing. Strange. I figured I'd leave that one there. ***

    My questions are:

    1. Is it even worth it to try and clone this branch? The plant is still in veg, with a number of hairs and pistols showing

    2. If cloned, what effect will it have on the mother plant? Will it effect her personal yield?

    3. Will it even yield enough to be worth the risk of cloning?

    Thank you GC folks for all your help! :D :hello::D
  2. yes u can clone it but being so late in the season u will have to grow it indoors

  3. Thanks for this advice. So it won't yield shit come mid-late October?
  4. .......

  5. What he means is, if you clone it, its going to take 5-7 days for it to get roots then another week for solid root structure to form.

    2 weeks when we are in the 3rd week of august, so lets say nice healthy clone you transplant late august if outdoors she will probably immediately flower and wont have time to finish unless she's fast and with weather its taking a chance.

    If you clone her bring the clone inside and veg under 24/0 you can veg all winter long or even flower inside (if you have that ability)

    If you tend to deal with outdoor growing only, then its your choice but hell you could veg a mother indoors all winter long and have a bunch of clones ready in April...

  6. Thanks for the info. This is my first year with plants, i.e. first year for any type of clone talk. Appreciate it.

  7. I am an indoor man.
  8. FYI, soft tip clones are preferable to hardened stems. You can clone it, will take longer to root, but then if you keep topping it ou can take many soft tipped clones.. look at the advanced techniques section titled, 'bonsai mother.' what strain is it U know? any pics of the top colas?
  9. BTW that third picture is kinda epic.... lone plant in an empty field... how inspirational LoL

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