Can this be male and how?

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  1. i thought I was still in veg outside but I notice this today. Is this a male? I didn’t expect flowering until next month. It’s bagseed so I know nothing but it was good smoke. Any opinion please.
  2. Pics.

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  3. Pics?

    Edit. Shoulda waited. lol
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  4. Yep. Full on male.
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  5. Thank you much. I want to cuss.
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  6. It's possible because there pre flowers, it's not fully floweing yet they would be popping open spreading there goods all about. Sorry man you got a dude.
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  7. Is that your only plant?
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  8. Thanks again to you both. I threw a bag over it and chopped. I’ve got a couple more that the same seed and size. They aren’t showing anything that I can see but I’m going to check close again tomorrow. I guess I can chalk it up as experience. I’m glad to know that it may not have spread the love. @originalhurt, @Blix, thanks for that quick info, I have a study plant now at least.
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