Can this 50w LED flood light use for growing in a 2x3 feet space?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mindbenderr, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Im just wondering if this led light be use to grow weed? Coz the sales lady told me that she is sure the its brighter than a 400watts MH lamp.

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  2. short answer: yes, for 1-2 plants in a small cabinet, but no freaking way that this is going to outmatch a 400w of anything really lol.
    and its 6000K lamp, so too blue to grow nice buds, can be used to veg though.
    P.S. brightness and lumens and all that crap are only measurements how bright the human eye sees the light, quite a bit of the light from the lamps are greenish spectrum, which has very little use for plants, but human eyes are most sensitive to green.
  3. Thank you for the straight answer sir. Good thing i didn't buy the light i was tempt to get it coz the lamp runs so cool to the point you can run them without air-condition. Oh well Ill just stick to my old hps . Again thank you for your reply god bless you!
  4. I was unsatisfied with my indoor growth over previous winters with a single 24w t5. On slightly more than a whim, I purchased a 50w LED floodlight, and I must say it is pretty bright. The initial results were encouraging. Using just a large jar as an enclosure and poor Ficus nerifolia/salicifolia as my test subject, I was able to see signs of new growth in less than a week
  5. She lied to you. 400W hps is the truth next best thing to the sun.
  6. Well not so sure about above post but it is nowhere equivalent to a 400mh

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