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Can they smell it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Extraaafami, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. haha dude you're worrying about nothing. You take precautions to not make it smell so nobody probably can and if they occasionally could it would probably be very light and smell isn't exactly an obvious thing as far as where it comes from either. I live in a condo and can hear my neighbors and when I listen to music without headphones sometimes it sounds like they're "slamming" things too. It's definitely just paranoia. Like I don't want them bitching about noise or weed. Just take precautions like you do and it's all good don't worry people have their own lives to worry about. Granted there are some super anti drug wierdo fuck hats out there but it's really unlikely your neighbors are.
  2. Yeah it just makes it so difficult to smoke and enjoy it. I've thought about flushing the rest of my stuff because of these issues. Is there a way to get rid of the paranoia?
  3. Is there a way to be less paranoid?
  5. My buddy lives in a big 3 story apartment and he is on the second floor and they dont blow it down all the time but on a regular day he does some dabs and smokes a few bowls and you cant smell it until you get inside the house. We have smoked blunts in there and never had complaints. No sploofs or anything. Just keep your windows closed.
  6. And the people above his apartment have kids(we can hear them running and jumping around on weekends) and still no complaints.
  7. Your just being paranoid man lol. I use to trip balls and hear shit to when I was like 16 smoking in my parents house lol. Sometimes I'd swear I'd hear my mom calling my name even when they weren't home hahahaha

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  8. LMFAO

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  9. Just don't think about it at all. Blow the smoke out the window through your sploof. Or get a smoke buddy or sploofy those are activated carbon filters and kill the smoke and the smell. Or you can make your own carbon filter sploof too. But even in your current situation just don't think about it, focus on relaxing and getting high and then go put some music on or do whatever u do when baked. But plan out what u wana do before u smoke and then do it.
  10. I always do. I guess I'm just nervous because of all the cops. I appreciate all the answers
  11. I appreciate all the answers. I'm just scared because of all the police coming in and out of my complex.
  12. Update
    Someone knocked on my door after I finished smoking. There was no smell. I didn't get up to answer the door. I just sat here silently because I was only laying down with headphones in. How do I know if it was the police?
  13. Just look through the peephole. If you dont have one then just dont answer. Anybody besides a delivery person will be ignored haha. Ive had people see me open the blinds and still get no answer. I dont care.
  14. If the cops don't bust don't your door then they didn't have any right to enter your home. While I still think you're being paranoid af, in the unlikely scenario it was them just don't answer. I recommend watching this and or watching the full never get busted movie on youtube. Here's a segment from it.
  15. My neighbors do the same thing. They think I'm a piss squirt of a man, and find me personally revolting. They say out loud. So and so is smoking weed. Even when the manager is out. Long story short. Learn to live, think, and breath clear. Because you are in close proximity to a real nightmare. Maybe God's way of introducing you to fiddle sticks.
    We have to realize, and subdue knowledge. In a crooked world. And bingo was his name. Oh?

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