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Can they search my house?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kamakazekush, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I was outside smoking on the balcony and my neighbor threatened to call the cops on me.

    If they did would the cops be able to search my house or can they not do anything about it unless they have evidence.
  2. Well, do you live on your own or with parents? And fuck your neighbors rofl, this is fucking america.

    And depends on your state, if its decriminalized like here in MN, they really cant do shit. If he called, it would definitely NOT be their top priority.

    "hi this is 911 whats your emergency?"

    "uhhh my neibhor is smoking marijuana"

    "uhh youre a fucking idiot this is for EMERGENCIES u dumb fuck"

    If they came to your house, just don't answer the door lol. They can't do anything anyway, they need a search warrant and I doubt they'll do it.
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    They can maybe iono if that justifies as probable cause if a neighbor complaints and this was like A very strict place .

    Just try these first if cops knock on door step outside with keys lock ur door behind u. Don't invite them inside. If they Ask to search u house or you way and ask them for warrant.

    Say you refuse the right for them to search you so what ever they find won't be usuabl in court.

    Ya u don't even need to answer door... Not illegal about taking a shut while the cops are knocking
  4. You could just ignore them if they come, don't answer the door. That's what I'd do, what are they gonna do? Not shit.
  5. I'd have to disagree here, if they rang my doorbell i'd come out with a dutch stuck in my mouth, blow that smoke in their face and tell em...Fuck outta here, bitch.
  6. but you were smokin tobacco, so they cant come in and invade your privacy. unless they see/smell marijuana or have a search warrant (not gonna happen in this situation) they cant come in
  7. Bro.. Nothing illegal about smoking oregano rolled in printer paper
  8. You're fine dude, they probably wouldn't even respond to the call or if they did you'd be back inside by the time they arrived and they'd probably just drive past.
  9. The neighbors silly call won't lead the cops to getting a search warrant and coming to your house. If anything, they will come knock on your door to question or ask you, and you can ignore them.
  10. [quote name='"Snowman00"']

    I'd have to disagree here, if they rang my doorbell i'd come out with a dutch stuck in my mouth, blow that smoke in their face and tell em...Fuck outta here, bitch.[/quote]

    I chuckled extremely hard
  11. Unless you leave your stuff in clear view, no. They NEED a warrant, and you can deny them entering if they don't have one. A warrant needs a specific description of the item the police are seeking, including what it is and where it is. The police cannot use illegally obtained evidence.
  12. Thanks guys, I think I was just paranoid when I wrote this because I was high.

    No cops showed up or anything so I guess they were just trying to scare me. She even had the audacity to say that marijuana could kill me... What a dumb broad.

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