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Can they legally test me???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by craafty toker, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. so....

    i'm on informal probation and got put on as a minor, so they still treat me like a minor and since i was put on prbation as a minor, until i get off, i have to go to all the juvenile drug meetings and am on probation through juvenile court

    I get off informal probation on march 22. I am going on a cruise with my parents from march 15th to the 22nd. I cleared it with my probation officer so she knows i'm leaving the country and all that. But i get back at 9 p.m. on march 22nd (my last day of probation). I really want to smoke on the cruise and i knon my probation officer isn't going to come to my house at ten o clock on a sunday and make me drop. But could she pull some legal mumbo jumbo bull shit and make me drop on march 23rd. A day after i get off informal probation???
  2. Don't quote me on this, because I am not 100 percent..

    If your probation ends March 22nd, then no, they cannot force you to take a Drug Test on the 23rd. You are not their problem anymore and I doubt they will would care enough anyway.

    Have fun.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  3. i would not doubt that they would come to your door at 10 o'clock to piss but it depends on the PO
  4. dude i never got drug tested on unsupervised probation but if they've tested you before then i think they'd just test you before you leave for the cruise. but if you're really worried about your PO coming over the night of the 22nd then just dome a detox drink before you get home. either way i don't think they can test you on the 23rd
  5. ..or make sure you are not at home until 12:01...that way it is the 23rd..
  6. It's this simple.

    Until you have the 'I'm a free beotch now' slip o paper that says your free of the probation/legal system. Your their bitch and will do what they say when they say or your PO can (and most likely will) violate you. Yeah it sucks, but dont smoke until your 100% free of the system.
  7. You made it this far so I doubt your PO cares.

    He isn't gonna take time outta his schedule so he can bust you on your last day at 10pm.
  8. Well honestly I would wait.

    I know that it is such a small chance they do, but if they actually just wanted to fuck with you and tested you and you ended up having to go to jail or something, or pay a fine...I'm sure that you would regret it.
  9. i dont know about the legality of the entire issue, but my guess would be they could test you on the 23rd to see if you broke probation during the probation period. i would honestly just play it safe and wait until the 23rd at least.

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