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Can they legally do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highway 61, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. keep it in a backpack? nigguh thats the first thing they searched. unless youre wearing a sweatshirt, cause they checked that first. they didnt check 2 hidden stash pockets on the sweatshirt, but they checked my shoes, backpack, pockets, hat, i was about to take my socks off but he said he believed me when i said i didnt bring nothing. they check your locker, i dont use mine so i told them that and i told them i dont know where my locker is but i think they still searched it.

    if youre that much of a fiend and dont have time to pick up or go home after school, put it in your gym locker. the smell of sweat and deodorant should mask the weed and they dont check that.
  2. Just keep your mouth shut and don't tell ANYONE when you have some on you. If the wrong person hears and snitches, game over my friend :( When you're in school you don't have the rights you do in the real world. Avoid weed in school at all costs and when you find yourself with it just don't give them a reason to search you (Which they can and will do)
  3. In my school they can't search your person( well legally they can, but never do). They have dogs do through lockers and cars. I used to come to school completely blazed everyday with my buddies we would smoke so much and smoke 4 times during the school day and everyone knew we where high all the time and we never got fucked with.
  4. Reseal it with a lighter? It's gona look like it's been burnt shut so they'll open it for sure. And they are totally within their legal right to do so. Kids in my school used to get bused all the time for keeping weed in their locker. We would routinely get the dogs called on us too to sniff all the lockers in the school.

    I would always keep a gram on me at all times. I would have to triple bag that shit though because I had some stinky ass kush. If I didn't everyone in the classroom could smell that shit on me.

    I'd just keep it in your pocket and if they try to search you go the washroom and flush it. If they don't let you go, fake a nosebleed (pinch your nose) then walk out of the room to the washroom.
  5. where in ohio i live near columbus
  6. smart idea, but always a bad idea to bring weed to highschool and the locker is the worst place as they only search a few classrooms but always all the lockers. they may not open the chips but then again they could.

    look at my thread here which will tell you how to make a secret pocket on jeans or certain kinds of (non basketball/athletic) shorts. they would never search that on you
  7. #27 hemi4spd, Mar 20, 2012
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    You can't have contracts with minors.
    Oh and if you want to render the dogs useless. Just rub pot dust everywhere throughout the school. Like I mean everywhere. Teachers lounge, office, shops, ect.
    The dogs will positive hit everywhere then when handler proceeds to tear apart shit looking for nothing, he will only do this a few times then put the dog away as it has become unreliable.

    It would only take a couple of grams sacrifice on your part. Let it turn to the dustiest powder and rub the school down. Believe me this works. The dog is almost
    Impossible to beat, but to irritate the handler is easy.
  8. I refuse to assist a kid hide marijuana in his high school.
  9. That is why they make you bring it home so your parents can sign it and bring it back to them.

  10. DUDE this is the one thing that saved me from being caught with weed, and other unmentionables in high school. I had a bag of chips and was in the principals office about to get searched and i sneakily put my shit in the bag of chips and they didnt search it. Best place to hide your shit no doubt.

  11. Then who's the contract really with then? Mom and dad. Search them.

  12. are you a white person?
  13. I just put it in a pill bottle. Seriously blocks out the smell wonderfully but not from dogs.
  14. im sure there are some sort of inconspicuous places outside of your school.. as in.. not on school property yet only a minute or two away.. find a random spot and designate it as your stash spot.. hell. dig a hole and stick somethin in the ground so only you know where it is. kinda far out but if you must bring it to school this makes the most sense i would say.. if you sellin or whatever . go out there grab your shit during lunch or somethin.
  15. Yes they absolutely can. Even if you didn't sign anything, I guarantee the student hand book has some sort of clause allowing searches of any and all belongings, including your person, under whatever they deem as suspicion. You don't have to sign anything, by being enrolled, you've agreed to follow these rules.
  16. Don't take weed to school man, such a bad idea. It's only asking for trouble.
  17. My friend once brought an ounce to school and he didn't get caught but my highschool didn't have a drug dog. Just a bomb dog...
  18. [quote name='"hemi4spd"']

    Then who's the contract really with then? Mom and dad. Search them.[/quote]

    the contract is for the parents to sign to legally give school the authority to search your kids in this situation.

    i had a friend who didn't want to sign it because she didn't agree with the school system. if she didn't sign it, her kids couldn't go to school there.

    stop trying to prove us wrong because you think you're right. doesn't happen that way.
  19. when i was in high school, some girl tried to do something like that. the principal found out, she got kicked out, and now she makes her living as a prostitute because her mom kicked her out for getting kicked out of high school. just dont bring it. :cool:
  20. At school, they only need 'reasonable suspicion' to search you, not 'probable cause'. You're their bitch as long as you're there, don't bring illegal stuff to school.

    You've been going to school for 12 years, is it really worth risking everything for a few hours of being high?

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