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Can they legally do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highway 61, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. So I'm in highschool (i'm 18, of course :smoke: ) and although I don't like bringing weed to school, sometimes I have to. There are no cars or anywhere to stash it so I have to keep it on me or in my locker. The problem is that the school can search my person and my locker. But recently I have been opening a bag of chips in the corner, putting my bud in the bag and resealing it with a lighter. So I was wondering, if the chips are in my lunch in my locker, can the school legally OPEN a bag of chips (or any sealed food) to search for drugs? I live in Ohio, by the way.

    Thanks everyone :smoke:
  2. They wouldn't even search it, unless it's obviously sealed back up.

    They DO have the right to search it. They practically own you while you are there.
  3. The only thing a school administrator needs to search you or your belongings is reasonable suspicion.

    Outside of school grounds, the only excuse a police officer would need to search you would be probable cause.
  4. they make you sign a contract at the start of the year/when you start highschool...which basically means THEY OWN YOU.

    So yes they can do whatever they please because you are their responsibility when you are there.
  5. I dont know about your way but if its doubled or trippled bagged (so it dont smell to bad) shove it in your sock that your wearing ive never been searched their.
  6. i never had to do that. it's just once you in those doors man they got you but the balls.
  7. Don't bring weed to high school.
  8. Stash it in your boxers if you're that paranoid holy shit

  9. When you register/enroll in school, you sign that. It's part of the packet they make you sign.
  10. They can legally do it, but even if you did get searched and they went through your locker they are most likely not going to open a bag of chips...unless they bring in the dogs.
  11. Yeah i would never even think of searching a bag of chips, especially a closed bag of chips. If they open it, blame it on the lunch lady lol
  12. yeah i never signed anything. i just went to school. :confused:

    i'm a public student we don't need to sign shit
  13. Your parents must have. They did when you were little. You have to have signed it, because you are registered in school. You have to be registered to attend. That paper carries through your entire school career, and if you switch districts, then they sign it again for the new district.
  14. If a drug dog indicates that your locker has something illegal in it, they are going to tear it apart. If you really are 18 then why risk it, pick up after school and do not bring it with you to school. I assume if you are telling the truth and have not slacked off you are about to graduate so why mess that up when you are 2 months from being done. plus you go in a corner alone, pull out a lighter and start making it smell like something is buring, it doesnt get much more shady when trying to act normal.
  15. You're their bitch
  16. keep that shit on you in a backpack. i brought weed to school everyday, the only time the dogs came in all they did was sniff all the lockers and not our person so it was fine.

  17. they make you take your socks off and turn them inside out
  18. [quote name='"Ironic"']Don't bring weed to high school.[/quote]


    If you get caught (which isn't too hard for them to do), you're gonna be in some serious trouble. Not worth potentially fucking up your future just to smoke some bud.

    Don't even keep weed in your car at school...if you park on school property, they still have the right to search you.

    Welcome to the City :wave:!

  19. No, you really don't HAVE to.

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