can they legally do this?

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  1. Hi, i am 18 and a senior in high school. Today, after the pledge (which I do not do), my teacher called me up to yell at me for not standing. He then said that I must recite the pledge or else he will write me up everyday I do not. Now, if I get written up, I lose my exam exemptions and I get ISS or OSS. I was under the impression that the pledge was voluntary. I do not believe in god, and thus do not believe in certain parts of the pledge. Also, I really do not like what this country is turning into. Therefore, I believe I should not have to stand up, as part of free speech and freedom of religion. Now, my question..can my teacher punish me for not agreeing with the pledge? Can he make me stand up and recite it?
  2. He can't make you.. you may lose some rights as a student at your school but they definitely can't FORCE you to say anything at least from my knowledge. Your teacher sounds like a psycho-patriotic douchebag.
  3. Just stand up? That's what I do, No one in my classes say it customer were just lazy. It's sad lol. You still like living in a free country don't you? Just don't say.
  4. No probably not, but honestly man even if you don't believe in it it would be easier to just say it so as to not let your teacher get off on the fact that he gets to write you up.
  5. o man if i was you, in that situation....

    there would be no school left to recite it...
  6. It's kinda iffy since you're 18. But most schools would have probably made your parents sign something that essentially forfeits all your rights.

    You could still probably make a fuss about it

  7. He's your teacher. You sign away your rights to be given the opportunity to learn. So, it's what they say goes. Unless they abuse and you wanna settle this in court, your SOL.

    Lets look at why he is making you stand. It is not to brainwash you, although it seems like it is! If he lets you sit down on top of refusing to recite the pledge, then his whole class refuses, and then one day when the principal is in his classroom observing and notices your class doesn't stand up, who looks bad. It's school policy, every single school in the country does it.
  8. Yeah bro.

    Just stand up.

    I stopped saying the pledge in like 3rd grade.
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  10. they can't force you to do it, but as a high school student they can reprimand you
  11. You just want to be difficult don't you?:)
  12. I know this might not be the answer you're looking for OP but I'll give you my suggestion.

    I don't like this country the way it is either, but I pledge to the allegiance of the America that was created by our founding fathers, not the outcome of that. I don't believe in God either man, and I just don't say "under God"

    Get up and just say the damn pledge. I know you're in highschool and you want to be unique and all, but is it really getting the teacher pissed off?

    Be mature about this man....
  13. "under god" is just some bullshit that was added in 1954 anyway. it's not even in the original version
  14. "The courts have ruled time and time again that students in public schools have the First Amendment right to remain quietly seated during the Pledge of Allegiance," said James Green, Legal Panel Chair of the ACLU of Florida's Palm Beach County Chapter, and Frazier's attorney. "Cameron is a very patriotic student, but his is a quiet form of patriotism. In a very polite and respectful way, he declined to stand for the pledge and the teacher berated him in front of his classmates."
  15. just stand up. its not worth fighting. they cant make you say it, but they can give you some form of punishment for not standing up because it is "disrespectful"
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    its kinda sad that highschoolers have to go through this stupid routine...

    in Canada, we recite our anthem (i think) everyday in elementary school during an assembly

    once we move on to middle school and highschool we don't recite it, there's no point..

    it only wastes class time and gives students more reasons to rebel and hate school (by forcing us to conform and taking away our right to make our own choices)

    i would be willing to bet at least 60% of Canadians don't know the anthem

    i only know about 1 sentence

    the american anthem sounds more like a pledge to join some secret society, where as the canadian anthem is like a song that embraces our nationality (what an anthem is supposed to be..)

    but then again i have no clue what the american anthem says lol
  17. just stand up dont be a trouble maker for no reason
  18. Fuck standing for the Pledge, that shit always gave me a massive head rush. :bongin:
  19. it's not about being difficult, it's about standing up for what I believe in. I am not going to conform and change my beliefs because a teacher in a school wants me to, they tell us to stand up for what we believe in, but then they force their beliefs on us. I think the pledge is a waste of time and a violation of my first amendment.

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