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Can they drug test you when you go to jail on weekends?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by young soulja426, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Hey i want to know if they drug test you when you go to jail on the weekends before you go in? Cause if not Im about to get FUKKKKKED UP...lol
  2. uppppin im tryna tooooooke lol
  3. anybody? 59 views?
  4. Sure why not, you're already going to jail, how much worse can you really screw your life up?
  5. Not looking for smart ass answers..dont answer if your going to be a dick about it. and for your info i only got 15 days and its getting dismissed when i get out, you prick.
  6. havent gone to jail, but i watch cops and that jail show, i dont think they have any reason to spend any extra resources or time on testing when your gonna be gone right away. unless u go in for a DUI

    but as far as "CAN THEY..." the police can do w/e the fuck they wanna do, bottom line.
  7. just wait the 15 days then dont risk it
  8. yes they will.
  9. Just dont look fucked up haha. They wont drug test you if you dont look like your on drugs.
  10. what the hell kind of jails are you people goin to? Oh yeah, you get your information from the tv, i forgot.

    They wont drug test you to lock you up. end of story.

    and like the previous post said, dont look at all stoned. that is imperative
  11. id be interested to know what they would do with a positive drug test result... :cool:
  12. Lol okay thanks guys. Ima post back after I toke. I'm coming off a 2 month t break aha
  13. haha did I hurt your feelings? relax bro, try being responsible and just waiting til all your stuff is cleared up before you toke again. Even if you don't get in trouble for it is it really worth the risk when you're already going to jail? No need to throw a hissy fit thats all I was trying to say
  14. ^thats better, I mean shit you just came off as a prick to me with the way you worded your answer. You was jumping to conclusions that my life was screwed up when it isn't. Lol. I got a few friends thats been locked up down here for weed on weekends and they didnt get tested either just was trying to get other opinions. Thanks.
  15. they will drug test you......

  16. what makes you say that? do you have personal experience? in what state? jail or prison?
  17. I would just say fuck it and smoke if I were going to jail, not worrying about the drug test, what are they going to do for you smoking weed in the past, tell them thc stays in your system for 30 days. They could charge you with internal posesion though, but so what? One more day in jail.
  18. they drug tested me when i was locked up, but i was in on a probation violation for failing drug tests so my shit was drug related, which may be the reason why they tested me right when i got there
  19. Internal possession? Is that a real charge? I've never heard that before
  20. In some States it really is an official crime. They've busted underage kids for internal possession of alcohol, for example, in some jurisdictions.

    EDIT: Oh and to the OP, yes they can drug test you and why would you do anything to risk getting in more trouble than you are already in? Short school bus, anyone?

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