Can they do this??

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    Well, apparently they can. This just doesn't seem right. Especially in a legal sense. Although it seems that they're bustin the people for trespassing, they just conveniently decided to show pics of people smoking. Now, perhaps it's just me, but couldn't you just deny, deny, deny, and make up an alibi with some friends and get off by saying you weren't there? I mean, that SHOULD work, right? Anyways, props to the people who show up....that took balls. Damn po-po, wrecking a holiday
  2. This had been posted numerous times.

    I can't see why they can't just say they were smoking tobacco or other herbs.
  3. it was 420, everyone was smoking. what do you expect?
  4. why do they have rewards to identify the people, who took the fucking picture, couldnt they just find out who they were when the took the damn picture, i thought pot was legal in denver anyway? why are peeps getting busted
  5. uhm... hahah shit looks so stupid
  6. motherfuckers! let me at them!! ARGGG!

  7. first off it is not legal in denver, it is by city law but under state and federal law, hell no

    second that is in boulder, i almost went up there for 420 but we ended up just going to this state park and smoking on a cliff

    boulder is unreal though, it might as well be 420 there all the time, walk around the campus at night on a weekend any time past 11 or so, and you will see people plopped down in the middle of fields just hittin bowls, people walkin down the sidewalks smokin j's. its a pretty cool place to say the least

    oh ya as far as finding out who they were when the pic was taken, it was most lilely an undercover cop or a hidden camera

    police in boulder honestly dont give a fuck if you smoke, its the fact that farrand field is on campus and they dont wanna stand for that

    im gonna keep on checkin that page to see if my friends pic gets on there, he got to hit up farrand field for a few bowls lol
  8. i just find the level that they took this to completely unecessary. i can see ohw pictures and stuff are used for the "most wanted" people, but i think this is just ridiculous. i wish i knew where the money that they're paying these "informants" came from. if it's taxes and i lived in colorado i'd be pretty fuckin pissed. apologies if this was posted before, btw
  9. That truly sucks.

    It's just the evolving police state. The thought-police have their spies ready to turn in their closest friends and relatives.

    Wells was onto something.
  10. I just wished one of them saw the camera, and blew a big puff of cannibus goodness at it.

    "fuck yo couch, colorado police"
  11. Fuck yo couch, HAHA! that sucks, but I tell you this someone should be able to remember whotook those photos. I would remeber if they took it of me. I hate that crooked ass shit, that just sucks .. Plus the people who r ratting on there buds to popo's. What is the world coming on, I mean to. JOE>
  12. I go to CU boulder and I was on farrand field at 4:20. I know a lot of people in those pics and its really just a waste of everyones time them doing this. They are just bitter because they had people standing on the field all day because they "closed" it. Then at like 4:10, everyone just stormed the field and started toking. They even had a lady with a walker guarding one part of the field.....If that doesnt say that them "closing" the field is a joke i dont know what does

  13. where i come from snitches end up in ditches...if one of my boys was on the pics and got ratted out someone would have something comin to em
  14. i tried calling the number, and i heard, "hello, ucpd, this is brian" followed by "i think what you are doing online is bullshit and you are"

    that means that they are used to getting calls from people bitching. i think we should call them all day long just bitching them out for this bullshit. fuck them, taking someone elses picture and posting them on the internet trying to bust them.

    fucking assholes.
  15. Hey props to the ppls who got caught, they managed to hotbox an open field, lookit all that smoke!!!!!!

  16. yea, well i knew a lot of people who werent smoking out there and came back fucking high as hell, it pretty much was like an outdoor hotbox.

  17. surrounding convience stores and supermarkets must have been decimated!
  18. ^^Haha true.

    I don't see why the University had such beef...i'm sure the university store shelves were empty...and if they're anything like my school, they must've made a killing by jacking up the prices!!

    :edit: there was absolutely no 420 presence at my school. i was baked all day...didn't see very many people with the red eye, didn't smell it on anyone, and i went to 2 classes. didn't see anyone at the state park i baked in, either. we must be really stealth or something, cus i know there's a good deal of stoners on my campus.

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