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    Alright so my friend went to school after smoking bud and some random teacher in the hallway stops him and asks him to put his student i.d. on. But then he smells him and notices the smell, and he asks him if he smoked some weed. My friend said no, he smoked tobacco, and it was off school grounds. He then sends him to the school officer and a principle, and gets asked the same question, and replies with the same answer. He kept with his story until they got out a breathylizer and tricked him and said it was for testing weed and they were going to test him, and if he comes out positive, it would be worse for him than if he just confessed to it. It sounds like they were trying to shock it out of him, because they even put him in handcuffs! He says they already wrote the refferal for suspension anyways, so he just confessed to it. He got 10 days suspension for being under the influence.

    So I ask, if he kept with his story, did they have the right to suspend him? He didn't have any weed on him and they didn't see him smoking, it was just the smell of it that got him in trouble.


  2. yeah, they can

    he shoulda kept his mouth shut.
  3. exactly. just deny deny deny
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    they can do it 100%(school is not the law),

    just because people think they know things; he shouldn't even of said he had smoked tobacco (or eventeabags :p) before school (just because school is stupid)

    im not thing.from.the.start.he.would.of.been.fine

    my famous saying,that you never say."Prove It".

    btw :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::cool:
  5. Lol your Friend is pretty stupid thinking they have a breathalyzer for weed
  6. C'mon man he was blazed, and probably shittin' bricks, still funny though :)
  7. dumbass. dont smoke before school if you fold under pressure. some people just cant handle themselves
  8. haha high school... man i smoked just about everyday b4 school for two years (in two different schools), i always expected one of my teachers to just bust me on it. but not onceeee and i had a fuckin yeti bitch for my first period class senior year, shed call roll and when it came to my name i'd just look at her with my fucked up eyes and say PRESENT!!!! Tons of dirty looks but she never said anything, high school was great =)

  9. It's because they can't say anything unless you're acting as if you're under the influence, or a danger to others:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. my friend came to school high once and he denied it and they kept questioning him and made him do a ua so he got the water out of the toilet and they tested it and he was fine

    morale of the story schools are run by a bunch of dumb jackasses
  11. Yep. I used to live right by my school and so I would blaze hard before school. I always kept my shit together, I mean I wouldn't act a fool and I would even answer questions correctly blazed as fuck that most people couldn't answer so I was never called out for it.

    Haha, a breathalyzer? I would've had trouble not laughing in their face. As everyone said, denial was this guy's good friend and he lost it.

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