Can these seedlings be saved?

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  1. Started some bag seed on the 28th of january. went crazy during germination and had 2 or 3 centimeters of root after 24hrs of germ.

    planted in organic soil with no fertilizers. exploded underneath my lamp and had wickedly long stems. I attempted to gently rebury the stems and move that light closer.

    Watered them with 100 ml of water with a Ph of 6.7 because the soil Ph was over 7.3. Left them over night.

    Now they are all dried up and shrivelled. Can they be saved?

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  2. All of can do at this point is wait and hope. I have seen similar looking sprouts jump back in a very mean way! So don't give up hope.
  3. thanks for the optimism lol :)
  4. Ive just got them under the light. i flushed the soil twice with tap water to bring the ph back up over the last four days. every other day.

    any suggestions?
  5. Ye leave them alone and wait and see, stop messing with them!
  6. You might try stretching some saran wrap over the top of the cup to keep some moisture in there (like a dome on a seed tray). The one in photo #2 looks sketch, but the other one definitely looks salvageable.
  7. You are drowning and most likely overfeeding your plant.

    Seeds are like chicken eggs, they have an energy store within them.

  8. over doing it.leave them alone and quit watering them.sounds like you are giving them way to much water.
  9. stopped watering.

    plant 1 looks like its surviving. has some green in it still and better than usual. Plant two is essentially the same, so im assuming dead.

    I will cover with saran wrap for 24 hours and post pics tomorrow!

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