Can there ever be a "now"

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  1. this got me thinking.... can there ever really be a now? or is everything the past?

    if im talking about something, and use the word "now" the moment that was described by the word "now" has already passed.. it is gone.. it is the past.

    is "now" the past?
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    There is also a delay in your brain to understand the feed from your senses etc. so we can never really expeience now. We dont really see or hear the present, just the near past kinda.
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    Scales are tricky.

    Here's the catch..... what we perceive as an incredibly tiny period of time... or space... (A small delay) for, say, a particle of light to travel to our eye... that time/distance can be infinitely large in another scale.

    Think of it like this....

    You're standing 10 feet away from a wall. You halve the distance - 5 feet. Halve it again, 2.5 feet. Halve it again, 1.25 feet. Again, infinitely.... you'll never get to the wall. The number will continue getting smaller forever.

    So whatever we see in this 3-D experience is hugely deceiving.... As even though we only recognize a particle of light 1 foot from our eyes taking 1/100 of a nanosecond to reach us... it can be an eternity away.

    Everything is contained within itself. The infinitely big and the infinitely small are connected, somehow.
    this means that the now isn't necessarily the world around us... or our own bodies even. But our consciousness has to be the now. Choosing our paths through infinite possibility..... is the now.

    ^The body is the vessel. Choices and actions are the journey... something like that.

    [I've explained this poorly too many times... I admit defeat and will cease for the time being]
  4. Agreed, imagine being deprived from all senses since birth, you would only know 'now' you wouldnt have the same concepts of time and that when your mind is all you can feel. Our senses give a false sense of reality... that was terrible way to explain my point but meh, i think it makes sense...
  5. Definitely.
  6. it is now lol.
  7. Now refers to the continuing present. It ususally lasts until change happens.
  8. Certainly, there can. Inability to perceive does not equal absence, that is just silly.
  9. Now is now, and now it's gone...

  10. You just blew my mind.
  11. Time is subjective, so now could be a second long or a year long. Yet technically you can only perceive the present from the future.

    But has anybody seen Kungfu Panda. This line stuck with me:

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.
  12. We're the diode of time-space.

  13. what the fuck!!! You just stole my whole god damned thread i previously posted on here and took credit for it, at least give me credit where it is due.

    fucking cunt!
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    You get all the credit.

    I don't need.... credit.

    Didn't steal anything from you, though.

    Link to thread?

    edit: just noticed what you bolded.

    Umm, you're actually taking credit from and shit like it.

    Also, I remember my 8th grade mathh teacher first sharing the idea. Your credit is revoked.

    Also, "everything is contained within itself" - the exact phrase... I remember reading somewhere. Could of been your thread... but are you taking credit for the idea too.

  15. KK I might have overreacted a bit... but c'mon, same god damned quote exactly? Hold on there's 2 threads for the two ideologies.

    "Everything is contained within itself" :

    The odd thing is you posted the SAME picture on my thread as well... and even admitted to liking my last statement LOLZ!

    Proof is all in the threads.

    My bad on the ignorant comment, I did over-react, I just wasn't expecting that lolz.
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    Hahahha. It all makes sense now. That was actually pretty cool. Thanks for pointing that out, lol.

    edit: lol at the reppage. Positive rep called "bitch ass thought thief". That's a keeper.
  17. there will never be a now until the mind is capable of instantaneous processing and transcription.
  18. The now precedes perception, processing, and transcription, for all these occur in Time, and the now is timeless, it is before Time.

    Further, the inability of a given being to directly experience that which is before perception in time does not equate to the absence of it.

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