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Can the school legally do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by the_logan, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. The campus cops charged a couple of my friends with possession for failing a piss test. this is how it went down

    There was a room check going on in the dorms and these hippie kids had just blazed a blunt and then went and chilled in their room. When the RA did the room check they said it smelled like weed so he brought the cops in and they searched the room but didn't find anything at all. My friends just happened to be hanging out with the hippies kids when the cops walked up to talk to them, the cop said my friends "looked" high but knew that they had nothing on them so he told them to take a piss test or that he would take them to the jail until he could get a warrant for a piss test so they just consented. and now they are getting charged with possession because they had THC in their urine. so my question is can a cop make someone piss if they have no probably cause other than low red eyes? and is it illegal to fail a piss test? by the way this all happened in utah
  2. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed... Like at all. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will come along though.
  3. Lmfao....It's not illegal to have thc in ur blood.
  4. idk man, but considering you live in the most religiously corrupt state in the country then yeah its probably legal, or they can pull some strings and make it legal.
  5. poppy seeds on pizza will make it show up in ur urine...

    so...sounds like those doods ate a shit load of pizza with poppy seed crust...

    and also some bagels with poppy seeds in the morning...

    Just saying;):D
  6. thought poppy seeds came up as an opiate... since its an opiate.
    And uh, im pretty sure that its not illegal to have thc in your blood that cops is the definition of pig.
  7. Better look up the laws before you go "Lmfao"...Utah happens to have a DUID law, which means in certain scenarios it IS basically illegal to have THC metabolites in your bloodstream.

    Doubtful that hanging around in a dorm would classify as "drugged driving", so the people involved should have some legal defense, but thought I would clarify that.

    More here:
    Utah Marijuana Penalties - NORML
  8. Some states DO have internal posession laws. Check your state's laws.
  9. If you get pulled over, and fail a piss test, you can be charged with a DUI
  10. Yeah well the cop can have fun ringing my piss out of his uniform. :D
  11. This literally sickens me to my stomach.
  12. Ya i know about the dui from thc in your system i got hit with that little number about two years ago shit sucks. they hella searched my car and couldn't find anything and told me to piss in a cup and took me in.
  13. The dui thing is different. They test to prove intoxication, it has nothing to do with any sort of cannabis possession.
  14. Looking high is not grounds for a warrant so he lied.
  15. Im pretty sure they cant make them take a test or take them to jail without any cause.
  16. utah.... The most retarded state in the union....
  17. this is not legal at all. you have to consent to a piss search unless its at your work. and even then you dont have to take the piss ( you'll get fired though )

    your friends could fight this. i dont think it will be hard either. for a possesion charge they need weed. a actual bag, i dunno about ash though. possesion for having thc in your blood is absurd.

    your friends should fight it. its not illegal to smoke pot, its illegal to have it or sell it.
    hell if you have the balls you could be able to walk up to a cop and say i fucking smoke
    up a blunt of some fresh BC bud every fucking day; and all that cop can do is search your
    pockets. all a cop has to say is he wanted to check for a weapon.
  18. he would never have been able to get a warrant for that kind of thing but the problem is once you do take a court-backed piss test and fail it you're screwed
  19. When are people on this site going to learn, it's not about what the police CAN do, or are ALLOWED to do, but it's what they can GET AWAY WITH.

    I live in another retarded morally corrupt religious shit pile and I don't even look at cops even if I have nothing on me, because if they want you arrested, they will get you arrested. Hell, I have seen cops around here provoke a fight just to arrest the person fighting.

    This is retarded though they should not have made them take piss tests at all, I didn't think you would have to piss in a cup at all unless you are on probation, I mean because if you aren't under arrest at the time, and making sure you don't alter a piss test involves violating your privacy, shouldn't be allowed... but it is...

    damnit GC we need to all get together and riot! Fuck this police state

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